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Who Has The Best MLM Compensation Plan?

There’s a massive development in the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry. These days, every individual wants to start a business and earn a fantastic income right from the comfort of their homes.

To make a substantial income with MLM, you should initially know the mode of compensation for a network marketing business. It’s necessary to do research on every company you’d like to join and check for their advantages and disadvantages. Below are the types of compensation plans you can find in a mlm company.

Types of Compensation Plans

Actually, there are a lots of plans, but we’ve highlighted the most common four below:

Breakaway Plan

It can also be called the Stairstep Breakaway Plan. Every distributor will climb steps. For every step climbed, the products you buy to sell will have a higher discounted rates.

The moment you get to a particular level, you break away from the up line and begin another one. Then you’re multiplying your earnings from that line’s sales.


  • You’ll get a reward for performance
  • Wholly accepted by distributors and regulatory agencies
  • Seamless to modify


  • Results in inventory loading to get to the required volume
  • The monthly purchase requirement of several companies are too high
  • The plan is complicated to explain to new people

Unilevel Plan

This plan is straightforward to understand. You sponsor into a level, then earn royalties on individuals your downlines sponsor to the initial level.


  • Extremely easy to administer and understood by recruits


  • Low support from an upline
  • No advancement in rank

Matrix Plan

If you’re a distributor, the people you add and their downlines will be under you. There’re a lots of matrix systems like 3 × 9, 4 × 7, etc.

There’s variety in every matrix regarding the depth and width you can reach.


  • It’s possible to build a reliable downline on this to make more income


  • Generally criticized to be a pyramid scheme

Binary Plan

You create two legs; then you get paid a cut on the leg that has the lowest volume. While getting paid for the two legs, your percentage is totally dependent on the least volume leg.


  • The high tendency of you getting paid weekly
  • Excellent to encourage group participation


  • Results in legal problems for the ones who push for recruits instead to sell products
  • Several individuals begin a lots of business with the particular MLM to make several legs, but they’re unable to support downline members

There isn’t any perfect plan for every individual. The moment you research MLM companies, you’re required to check out the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Companies with the Best MLM Compensation Plan

Since there are a lots of companies that you can pick from, we’ve taken out time to show you the companies with the best MLM compensation plan.

5. LifeVantage

LifeVantage specializes in a new science termed Nutrigenomics, and it was established to make one’s health better by testing, researching, and developing products that talks about the biochemical effects of aging. You can join LifeVantage in two ways to earn money. The methods are by becoming a preferred customer whereby you purchase products at a wholesale price or just as a distributor whereby you earn revenue from the sales of yourself and your downlines. Success doesn’t only rely on unique services and products but also an excellent compensation plan which gives apparent financial opportunities. Royalty commissions, retail sales, rank achievement, bonuses, and having a business centre are all a lots of ways of generating an income with this MLM, and that makes it one of the best you’ll find.

4. Total Life Changes

This company is into the sales of lifestyle products such as skincare, hygiene and beauty products, and soon as you join as a rep for it, you’ll begin to earn revenue on the products you sold. They’ve got a hybrid binary compensation plan, and this denotes that you’ll earn your commission from the person you referred personally and the purchase made from the individuals you refer. With the compensation plan of Total Life Changes, the best thing that will skyrocket your financial growth is recruiting top talents. The moment you earn a commission on the initial order of your recruit, you get a 50% fast start bonus. You also get a matching bonus of up to 50%, which matches the amount your recruit makes from the binary commission.

3. doTerra

DoTerra is an MLM company that deals with a renowned line of essential oils, and it’s a company that has one of the best compensation plans. With doTerra, you’ll be provided with three ways of earning income with their Unilever plan. It’s got the most simple plan where you earn your commissions from both your sponsor and also the individuals in your downline. You’ll make a retail profit that’s paid out every month at 25% of the profit made from retail customers. You’ll earn fast start bonuses from the sales of your new enrollees in their initial sixty days, you’ve also got the chance to make generation bonuses.

2. Thrive

The second on our list is Thrive, which is a company that has one of the best MLM compensation plans. All brand promoters will make 20% on the orders of their customer and up to 8% in every label of your downline tree. This compensation plan is excellent for both experienced experts and beginners. One amazing thing about this company is their mouthwatering bonuses! A lots of MLM companies go down because they are not developing a culture for success. Thrive will provide you with cash bonuses to luxury vehicles and even go on paid vacations via their compensation plan. This brings about solid leadership in the company via these bonus incentives that have a high impact on the total success of the company.

1. Ardyss Life – Power of 3 System

The number one position on our list is occupied by the amazing Power of 3 System. This system is one of a kind, and Ardyss International owns it. Ardyss International is a well-known company which produces some of the best health and wellness products worldwide today. They specialize in skincare, reshaping, and nutrition products. It offers a fantastic financial opportunity for anyone who wants to make an extra income from the comfort of their home.

To make money from this program, all you need to do is use the products, then share your experience with people and you’ll earn a lifetime commission for anyone you help into the program. For every enrollment of yours, you’ll earn a $50 commission. If you enroll three people, that’s $150, and guess what, you’ll also be given an additional $150, which sums up to a whopping $300. What’s better than that? One fantastic thing about this program is their power chart which you can earn as much as a mouthwatering $500,000. That’s a lots of money!


That’s all you need to know about the best MLM compensation plan, and also the MLM companies with the best compensation plan. The MLM company you choose is solely dependent on the type of plan they offer which you like.

But if we are to choose for you, your best bet would be to opt for the Power of 3 System, which is our top pick. It even has a $90,000 in 90 days challenge, which will help you fast track your success.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join their program now, and you’ll surely be a success story.

For more great tips, tricks and ideas on how to make money in network marketing. Be sure to check out our free online training center.

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