9 Tips on Where to Buy MLM Leads

There are service outlets where you can buy MLM leads, such as email lists and some other advanced marketing tools. These leads would help your business to discern prospective clients as a result of their internet profiles and activities. This will save you tons of effort and time. 

In this article, we carefully analyzed some of the best places where you can buy leads for your business to help you make the type of profit that you desire. Our compilation is based on price, reliability, segmentation, and search capabilities. 

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1. UpLead

Uplead is a verified, real-time subscription-based database that can help you generate leads for your business. The starting price is $79/month for a one-person user to run a search on contacts and to directly import them for practical use. 

When you are done exporting the contacts, Uplead verified them to save you the headache of having large email lists that are inactive. As a result, it is the ideal solution when you are looking for a platform that verifies leads.   

2. Salesfully

Salesfully is a very straightforward platform that provides both consumer and business-to-business leads at a cheap rate of $2/month. With this platform, there is no limit to the number of points that you can potentially download every month. 

The website is characterized by a simple interface that has provisions for the lead amounts that are suitable for your profile. If you are seeking for an MLM lead service that can provide you with a large number of leads for a small price, then this is your best bet. 

3. 9D&B Hoovers

Powered by Dun and Bun, D&B is another platform where you can buy verified MLM leads. When you are using this platform, you will be able to run advanced searches on the basis of SIC codes, location radius, fiscal year, legal entity, IPO status, revenue, and industry. Hence, this qualifies it as one of the best places for running a search on MLM leads as it provides one of the most detailed results. 

But then, there is no information about the pricing system of this platform on their website. That is to say that they operate a quote-based pricing system where you’ll be given a quote that is tailor-made for just you. 

4. Lusha

Lush is an MLM lead service provider with a pricing system that starts from $75/month. There is also an extension function if you are using Google chrome. 

With the extension, you can use various social media connections to identify the contact information of your prospective clients. You can also buy credits which will grant you access to the email contact and phone number of your potential clients. 

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is another platform that operates on a subscription basis. For $79.99/month, this sales navigator that is built to offer extra features than the ones seen on LinkedIn can be a good source of MLM lead. 

It notably features advanced search and keyword filters, which will help you to get new leads and import your contacts so that you can identify prospective clients through predictive search. 

6. FindEmails

FindEmails is basically an MLM lead service that helps you buy email leads at the rate of $500/month. With this service, you can buy email lists that were already in existence, or you can create your own email list. 

FindEmails is a very affordable lead purchasing option that is suitable for folks that need a no-frills method of purchasing MLM leads. 

7. Drop Cards 

A lot of MLM leads buyers have used this lead generating method at their first attempt to buying leads. To begin, get your business card ready and include a very catchy tagline. After then, send it to people that you suspect are prospective clients. Take a walk to the places where you think that you’ll find them. 

This can be just anywhere. Also, you may like to visit a local library and place them inside the books that you think your niche is going to find exciting and probably read. You can put them in gas stations or on the table of a restaurant. Just be creative. 

8. Live Events 

Certain live events are the ideal places where you are most likely going to see people may turn out to be the top-notch client that you have been looking for. 

One good advantage of this method is the fact that you can create beautiful relationships that are bound to last. 

9. Udimi

If you are in search of ways of creating an effective email list or boosting your site traffic, then you may have tried Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. These are top-rated tools. But if you want something different that still does the job well, then Udimi is your sure bet. 

You are probably asking the “does Udimi work?” question. But a comprehensive Udimi review will quickly reveal that it is the go-to alternative when it comes to building an email list and generating traffic via their solo ads scheme. If traffic is what you want, then their solo ads scheme would be worth your money and time because they are the best buys for MLM lead.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an MLM Lead Provider

1. The MLM Lead Quality 

The quality of the MLM lead is extremely important. There are lots of sites with a very catchy appearance, but with a lead quality that is best described as next to nothing. Your goal is to settle for a suitable lead provider so that your expectations will not be cut short. 

2. Targeted MLM leads

A lot of companies’ features varying target MLM leads that is, company-specific, gender-specific, code specific, and product-specific.  

3. The Pricing System

You should exercise the utmost care because there are lots of lead companies with cheap leads that are entirely not worth it. When you want to purchase leads, make inquiries about the cost of 15-20 leads to ascertain if it is worth the price. There are companies that will provide you with some free marketing leads so you can test and see. 

Final Thoughts

Businesses buy leads to help generate new sales and supercharge their sales methods. These nine places where you can buy MLM leads are the best option for people who are looking for ways to drive massive sales to their business. 

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