Passive Profit Pages Review

Passive Profit Pages Review – Is It A Scam or Legit

Can you make up to $1000 in online commissions today? 

That’s what Passive Profit Pages says. If you are doing some research on this Clickbank product then brace yourself because I am going to walk you through a breakdown of the Passive Profit Pages review. In this Passive Profit Pages Review we will find:

What is it? Is it for you? What can you get out of the program and for the big question, is Passive Profit Pages legit or spam? 

Passive Profit Pages Review

Passive Profit Pages Review

On the outlook, from the landing page, you can clearly tell that this is a very typical Clickbank product. It comes with a clean design but BIG claims. Tell you what, claims like this can be very dangerous for the product and the buyers especially are if you are a beginner. If you just started affiliate marketing today there is little to none chance of you making any sale the same day. Not saying, it’s impossible to make $1000 a day but it’s not going to be on your first day.

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They have used a paid actor to create the intro video because the person who teaches the course has a very different voice. This intro voice is more like one’s you hear in infomercials. 

In this video, there are a couple of things I do want to mention.


The testimonials that he has are not from real people. They’re actors that they’ve hired from a website called Fiverr. We’ve seen these actors before and that’s a big red flag. Any time that a website uses an actor to do a testimonial then that’s not genuine. 

Price Point 

The product itself is very cheap. It’s only $9. Please understand that any time you buy a product online that’s very cheap, you can only expect little information out of it. You can’t expect to be taught the secret of making $1000 a day with a product that costs you $9. 

The 4 Step System 

I’ll get to the upsells in a bit but be assured for a $9 product the upsells are going to be 9 times higher. If you just go for the $9 product you only get the software with 4 steps. 

Step #1 Teach you how to go and create a link on a very big marketplace called Clickbank. Clickbank is one of the biggest marketplaces where you can find digital products to sell. But Clickbank is not the only digital marketplace. 

Many people think that if you can’t get on Clickbank then you’re screwed and you can’t sell digital products online. But that’s not true. There are good 30+ different networks that you can go to find or sell digital products. If none of those networks work, you can go to different marketers who sell their own products. You can sell their products as an affiliate. 

Clickbank is not the only place. Although in this training they teach you how to get a Clickbank link. 

Step #2  Give you five pages. These are pre-built pages that you can use so you can start on Clickbank. For instance, you decided to pick the dog training industry or the weight loss industry or products in how to get six-pack abs. You can get your promotional link from Clickbank put it in one of their five pre-built pages. That is pretty cool actually. 

Step #3 Once you put your link in the five pages, you’ve got to wait for about 24 hours. After that, they will send you the page that they created for you. The page is pretty simple, nothing extravagant there.  Might also look like a blog page. Although all it does is get some content on there which, by the way, is replicated. You don’t think you are the only person buying this $9 product. Your page is not unique, expect to find thousands of other people that have the exact same page. This is a red flag though as you might not do very well because of repetition. 

Step #4 Find leads and generate traffic. In industry terms, you call it getting eyeballs on your generated page. 

Sounds straight and simple right? But there are a few problems here. 

Passive Profit Pages Cons 

  1. There are too many people on the exact same page because it’s a replicated done-for-you system. That’s not good news buddy. Google hates replicated content which means that it’s going to rank on Google.
  2. The pages are very ugly and look like they came right out of the 1990s. We are in 2021 and websites don’t look anything like this today. Pages like this don’t convert because they can’t gather enough trust from the audience. 
  3. Even if you find good quality leads and traffic to see that page, that’s not how people buy online anymore. This here is a big fat misconception. A lot of people online teach you to send leads and traffic directly to a sales page, which is essentially what you’re learning inside of Passive Profit Pages. But in reality, it doesn’t happen this way. You got to gain the audience’s trust before you can even think about starting to sell your product to them.  Essentially, you need to build a virtual relationship with them. Sadly, this single web page is not enough for that.
  4. With this program, you are missing a huge deal on the internet marketing knowledge. Besides for $9 all you get is 12 minutes of content. Do you really think in 12 minutes you can master the skill people take years of trial and error to build? I don’t.

Passive Profit Pages Upsells 

Upsell #1 Done-for-you setup

The first upsell is a done-for-you setup. It costs $197. In this upsell they will give you a bunch of pages hosted on their own account. For a far lesser amount, you can set up your own WordPress hosting and get the job done. You don’t even have to learn everything. You can hire someone to do that for you in even less. So, that’s a straight waste of your money there. 

Upsell #2 Secret traffic source

The second upsell is their secret traffic source which comes at a price point of $196. It’s probably a solo ads traffic source. Solo ads are the worst quality traffic in the world. You can use Udimi for free to generate paid traffic to your website. Do keep in mind the quality might not be that great. 

Upsell #3 Facebook Community

They offer a Facebook community where you have to pay $20 per month in order to get support. That’s what I call going way overboard. You need to have a Facebook support group for free. 

Upsell #4 John Christiani’s Super Affiliate System 

I’m not sure how this program is related to John Christiani’s Super Affiliate Program. There is a huge disconnect here. 

So, now for the big question, which I think is already quite clear. 

Is Passive Profit Pages Legit or Scam? 

It is not exactly legit as the claims are too good to be true. At $9 you can not expect to have a goldmine of resources and training to make money online this fast. Not to say making money online is not possible. It totally is. You can make $1000 with affiliate marketing in a single day but that day is certainly not the day you just start out fresh. There is a lot that goes into it. You need to have a base of knowledge and then work your way up. So, we will call this system a scam. I hope this Passive Profit Pages review was useful to you.

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