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Udimi Solo Ads Review: Yay or Nay?

Do you want to build a bigger email list for your business? Do you want more organic traffic that will help you meet the target for your business? The truth is that everyone wants that. If you are in internet marketing, it is likely that you have made some payments for Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. But there is another platform called Udimi, where you can use solo ads to build your email list and drive traffic to your business.   

What exactly is Udimi?

Udimi is a marketing platform where solo ad sellers and buyers meet to initiate a transaction. The build of the site is so easy that you can easily navigate through it and perform an action where necessary. 

What Are Solo Ads?

By way of definition, a solo ad is an advertisement that is conducted via an email through which intending buyers can buy ads from some other email list owners. The email list owner will usually send an email to his email list to prompt them to initiate a buy. 

When this ad is done very well, your subscribers will click on your ad on your page, giving you the benefit of earning some money. You can be able to generate leads from these clicks, and these leads can convert into sales. 

One of the reasons to consider getting solo ads is because they are a cheaper alternative to other platforms. Plus, you will also enjoy fewer limitations on the kind of product that you promote.  

With solo ads, you do not need the strict approval procedure that is characteristic of similar service providers like Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

The rating system of this marketplace lets you have a more vivid insight into the quality of any solo ads provider.

But there is a prominent disadvantage to solo ads too. The traffic of some email list owners may not convert well because of the sketchy manner in which they build their lists. Also, there are some solo ad services that are notorious for making use of clicks from fake bots.  

Solo ads are not suitable for all niche types. They are most adaptable for CPA-based offers or affiliate marketing.

The best bet for a platform where you can see these solo ad services is on Udimi. 

Buying Your First Solo Ads

When you visit the Udimi platform to buy some ads, first, make a choice of the seller you want to do business with. At the top of the site, there is a slider that lets you see the number of clicks you want from the seller, although there is a lower limit to the number of clicks that they sell.  

After making this purchase, proceed to choose the type of filters that you would want for your traffic. Bot traffic will get be discarded as the solo ads pass through the base filter provided by Udimi. 

You’ll have to make some monetary commitment if you need the services of other filters. But the quality of the traffic you’ll get from it is way better than what the base filters provide. If you are enrolled in the Prime Membership, you’ll enjoy the benefits of using the Prime Filter.

The most crucial aspect of the solo ad is your email and headline. One beautiful thing about the Udimi platform is the fact that it saves all your solo ads. The last single ad you will utilize will be visible in the box, and with the aid of a drop-down, you can easily switch between the former solo ads that you have done prior. This will save you a lot of time when you need the services of many other providers.

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Udimi Pros

  • This is one of the best platforms where you can locate solo ad providers.
  • Providers can be filtered on the basis of sales conversions, prices, and ratings.
  • When you rate people and buy ads, you will be gifted $5.
  • It saves your solo ad messages so that you can easily reuse them.
  • Sellers can give you over the delivery of clicks.

Udimi Cons

  • The sales metric reporting the percentage of buyers is not very accurate.
  • You will have to pay some extra fee for advanced filtering.
  • Most of the sellers are concentrated in one niche.

Udimi Pricing

The reason why every solo ad cost is different is that each seller sets their own pricing on a per click basis. The very reason why there is a variation in the value of each seller’s solo ad is that the cost per click price of every seller is different.  

Normally, when the cost-per-click rate is higher, the quality of the email list would also be higher.

Udimi Prime Membership

Udimi users have the option to upgrade their accounts to the Prime Membership, which at the cost of $19.95, users operating on this platform have the option of upgrading their accounts from the regular account to Prime Membership.

If you have a Prime Membership, aside from basic filtering, you will also have the privilege of using the advanced filtering on all your solos ads.

The framework of the site makes use of HTML5, IPv6, and Javascript to filter out lots of useless visits so that you can save some money. Also, you can identify fraudulent buyers that may waste your time and possibly scam you.

Udimi gives you the opportunity of making higher affiliate and referrals commissions for each solo ad your clients buy.

Using Udimi vendors, you can create Custom Affiliate Agreements. This will enable you to make more commission.

Final Thoughts

Finding a good and deserving solo ad provider is not an easy task. This is the reason why a marketplace as this is vital.

You can get traffic for reasonable rates, and if you’re creative, you can definitely make money off of them. At some very reasonable price, with some average level of creativity, you can get the traffic that you want to drive your business to the heights that you want. 

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