Pin To Profits Review

Pin To Profits Review

It’s 2021, but many people still think putting efforts on Pinterest isn’t worth it. Pinterest is normally considered to be a social media platform but in actuality, it’s a visual search engine. With this, the platform has grown exponentially. So much so that now it’s ranked number 25 worldwide websites. 

A little about Pinterest

It’s number 24 in the united states. Only last month, Pinterest got 1.30 billion visitors. That’s a significant number. On average the visitor spends around 5 minutes on every visit. Not only that, but Pinterest is also very consistent in making 1 billion+ visitors every month and this number is only increasing. 

Around 55% of the traffic is direct traffic to Pinterest and most of it is from the United States. Also, surprisingly, around 42% of the total traffic comes from searching on the web. Pinterest has a pretty good SEO score on Google search results. 

All traffic is usually organic there is less than 1% of paid traffic on Pinterest. Now, that you know so much about Pinterest let’s jump into what we are here for today. That is to review Pin to Profits. 

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Pin to Profits Review

What is Pin to Profits? 

It is a comprehensive toolkit that helps customers easily generate affiliate commissions from free, automated Pinterest traffic

It includes exact targeting, pre-made creatives, proven offers to promote everything you need to generate your first affiliate commission or add a simple, scalable free traffic source to your existing arsenal. 

Prices and Up-Sells 

The main training is just $19. 

Upsell #1 – Super Affiliate Toolkit: $47

The Super Affiliate Toolkit upsell adds training on how you can double your profits by starting to build email lists using their custom survey funnel and email templates.

Upsell #2 – Quora Overdrive: $97

The next upsell is called the Quora Overdrive. It shows you how to generate massive amounts of free leads and traffic from Quora and their 7-Figure Affiliate Mindmap PDF showing the exact path to success. 

Upsell #3 – 50+ Pre-Made Campaigns And Creatives: $197

Next, in the funnel, they offer over 50 pre-made profitable campaigns and click-magnet creatives students can start running within minutes to start driving traffic, building your lists, and generating commissions. This includes email swipes, photo ads, banners, and other creatives.

 Upsell #4 – Coaching and Mentorship Program: $297

The final OTO is an exclusive offer to receive private group coaching from Matthew Sabia and Dan Dasilva to personally coach students on building your first $100/day Pin-To-Profits campaign and reach out for coaching whenever they need it. This will include weekly live calls/webinars to ensure student success.

Pin To Profits Review

Pin To Profits Pros and Cons 

  1. It says there is no work involved at all, which is not true. You have to put your fair share in before you start reaping the benefits. 
  2. It is not a totally new or unique training. Yes, not a lot of people talk about Pinterest but it exists and there are numerous other pieces of training out there as well. 
  3. It is newbie-friendly but there is of course a learning curve involved. 
  4. Works in most of the niches but not every niche. This is to say, for some niches it is going to work super well but for others, not so much. 
  5. All the traffic is built-in and organic, which is right. 

Inside the Pin to Profits member’s area aka the back office

There are two modules and an introduction. All of them are pretty high-quality videos with great content. In total, the training is only 3 hours long. 

In module 1 you can expect to find: 

  1. $100 per day
  2. How to pick a profitable niche
  3. How to choose a product to promote 
  4. Strategy #1: Direct Linking 
  5. Then comes Strategy #2: Google Forms 
  6. Strategy #3: Clickfunnels Survey (Recommended)
  7. Finally, Strategy #4: Google Forms (Long Term Strategy)
  8. Problems you will encounter 

In module two, you can expect to find tips to grow your audience on Pinterest and get results. It has been divided into 9 phases with various techniques on Pinterest and reaps results. All phases come with resources. 

Is Pin to Profits legit or a Scam? 

Pin to Profits is legit and the strategies they share actually work, although you do need to put your fair share of efforts in it to start seeing results. Results might not be very immediate for everyone as the Pinterest algorithm takes some time to pick up your pins. I hope this Pin to Profits Review was useful to you. For more read the blog.

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