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How to Make a Passive Income Online on Twitter

Passive income is any income that requires little or no effort to earn and maintain, most especially at inception. Twitter is a social media platform where people send short public messages known as tweets.

There are numerous ways to make a passive income on twitter that anyone seeking an extra source of income can easily take advantage of. More so, with twitter, it gets even better, with more opportunities to generate additional income.

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10 Passive Income Opportunities on Twitter

Here are 10 passive income opportunities 2020 that can fetch you fast and steady income.

Sell Your Products

Selling your products is an excellent way to make passive income on twitter. It will not just fetch you money, but it will also promote the products t your followers. They will likely be interested in your offer.

Doing this is very simple. All you need to do is to share a post. You can start by posting a breathtaking picture of the product, and then give a brief description of the product. Also, provide a hashtag and a link to the product website. Click “The Ultimate Passive Income Guide.”

Sponsored Tweets

If you are interested in making money just for sending out tweets, then here’s the way. However, you can only do this when you have a lot of twitter followers.

When companies notice that you have a strong Twitter presence, they will pay you to tweet about their products and brands. Also, if you are popular on twitter, you can reach out to companies you love and offer to share their products with your followers for pay.

Just click on SponsoredTweets to find companies who can pay you to tweet about their products. SponsoredTweets is a platform companies can search for and connect with people that have an influence on twitter.

Generate Traffic

Without enough followers, your posts will only reach a few people, and this can decrease your chances of making passive income on twitter.  One significant way of growing your traffic on twitter is by being active on the platform.  

Also, ensure you share your latest blog posts on twitter. This will enable more twitter users to discover your website. Another way is to follow users that are relevant in your niche on Twitter and respond to their posts.

One other way to drive traffic is by tagging other twitter influencers and responding to their tweets. You can request their honest opinion on something like a video or blog post you did. They may not respond right away, but they will eventually. Again, please pay close attention to their tweets and always give relevant comments.

Build Email List

This is one of the best ways to make a passive income on twitter. Creating an email list can increase flash sales, and help you reach your subscribers who are potential buyers of your products.  

To begin, create an opt-in page and offer twitter users an incentive for joining your list. Then, make your newsletter sign-up page interesting to join. For more tips on how to begin, check “The Ultimate Passive Income Guide.”


Giveaways do not just help you build your brand awareness. It also enables you to make more money. One way of running a giveaway is by holding a contest. Nothing engages people more than this. Also, you can go into partnership with some businesses that need some publicity and be paid a percentage of the entire sales that are made. 

You can use other platforms like RafflePress, to build and manage your giveaways. Then, go on twitter and promote your giveaways. More so, you can add a link to your page.

Create Ads

Twitter Ads will enable you to reach more people online, and the more people are aware of your business, the more sales you will make. 

More so, targeted twitter Ads allow you to choose the audience you will want to see ads, based on their specific interests. So, your Ads will always get to the right people.

Monetize your Presence

You can make money on twitter when people watch or click on an Ad on Twitter Media Studio. Twitter Media Studio allows a user to place a video ads sponsorships right on twitter so you can make money instantly.


This is the process of obtaining information and ideas from a large number of people via the internet. So, you can ask questions and receive answers from people who see the tweet. 

With twitter, you can get info, idea, advice, and recommendations. Some charity organizations use this method to solicit for funds. What you need to do is to ask questions, retweet the question by adding hashtags, and wait for replies. 

Discover new leads

The Twitter platform offers a search engine that helps users seek potential customers based on their bio and retweets. This will allow a user to tweet another user to make known a promotion based on the users’ interests.

So, to begin with, search for tweets that are requesting recommendations and also participate in chats.

Affiliate marketing

Another passive income opportunities 2020 is by promoting and selling affiliate products. Affiliate marketing is simply the act receiving commission by promoting other people’s products so people can get to but that product via your link. 

The beautiful thing about this passive income idea is that you don’t need too many followers to be accepted as an affiliate marketer. To see affiliate products that need promotion, you can create an account on networks like ShareASale, FLexOffer, and ClickBank. 

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you must find a niche you are interested in and recommend products relevant to that niche.


There are many other ways to make passive income on twitter, apart from those mentioned above. If the entire process is broken into parts, it will make your job easier, so take it one step at a time.

To get more information and guidance in twitter passive income strategies, click on “The Ultimate Passive Income Guide.”

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