How Influencers Can Help Promote Your Content

Developing and marketing content all by yourself is not an impossible task.

However, you can reduce your workload considerably by engaging influencer’s services.

Influencers are those people with a considerable online following.

Whenever they suggest or recommend something via their social media profiles or their websites, their followers tend to go & check out their recommendations.
For example, suppose a social media influencer had a meal at a restaurant & found it delicious.

He shares his experience on his social media channel.

Next day, many of his followers head to this same restaurant to check out their menu.

The restaurant enjoys a ton of publicity this way.

They will see a massive spike in sales, thanks to this influencer who put in a good word for them.

Do you understand it now?

You can use someone else and their influence for promoting and marketing your content.

Influencer marketing is a powerful marketing technique in the 21st century.

In the event you decide to start working with influencers. You can expect to see a tremendous growth in your network.

You do not have to ask your audience to help you market your content.

Instead, you can leverage the influence wielded by these influencers for attracting their followers.

How do I attract influencers into coming and helping me out then?

To begin with, you can head over to social media platforms and search for people working in your sector who have a sizable number of followers.

Be careful to pick only those influencers who operate in the very same industry that you do.

For example, in case you sell dog-related products…

Makeup and beauty tutorial influencers aren’t going to be of much use, are they?

Their followers won’t be able to relate to this content as they’re not interested in it.

They may even start unfollowing the influencer.

Even your conversion rates aren’t likely to get any higher because of this collaboration.

However, if you’ve engaged the services of someone who share similar interests with you. Their followers are likely to relate to your articles or content as well.

Once you have identified the influencers you want to work with, start approaching them.

You may request them to promote your website or content in return for something.

You can also build a friendly relationship with these influencers by engaging regularly with their content.

Although this is time-consuming, once they’ve started trusting you, they will be ready to promote your content without asking anything in return.

Final Thoughts…

This article shared just a few ideas on how leverage and approach influencers for your business.

If you’ve worked with influencers or and influencer service in the past, please share your experience in the comments below.

We have personally seen social media pages double in traffic over night (from 10K followers to 20K) following an influencers campaign.

Find the influencer that works for your business and brand, and then get to work on this plan.

If you need assistance growing your social media pages. Be sure to check out our free online course.

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