Best Way To Make Money Online For Broke Beginners in 2021

Make Money Online For Beginners in 2021

Can you make $100/day online in 2021? 

This blog post is a make money online for beginners in 2021 guide. We will go through one of the best ways to make money online in 2021. Keep in mind that this method is very beginner-friendly.

As a beginner one of your greatest challenges is to get traffic to your venture. In this method that I will be sharing with you today, you can generate traffic for free. Let’s jump right into it. 

Read till the end where I share my top secrets to help you ace the game when it comes to making more money online. 

Make Money Online in 2021 via ClickFunnels 

Step #1 Sign Up to Click Funnels 

The first thing that you need to do is sign up for ClickFunnels and then create an account with their affiliate marketing program. Simply go to Google and search for ClickFunnels Affiliate.

ClickFunnels will pay you a commission to promote their products. You will get 40% commission per sale. 

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You can promote their books, courses or their funnels software. 

What is ClickFunnels? 

It is a funnels software that you can promote. It has two tiers at $97/mo and $300/mo. You can get 40% off any of those depending on what sale you make. As you may have already learned, you can make good money by promoting this product as an affiliate marketer. 

Once you sign up for the ClickFunnels affiliate program and get approved you will land on an affiliate dashboard. This is where you can get your unique affiliate links to promote and make money as an affiliate marketer. 

Clickfunnels has multiple products. For every product, the commission rate is going to be different. The key is to choose the best products that will reflect with your target audience and make you money on the go. The best thing about this strategy is that you don’t have to work hours and hours on a product to make money online. You promote other people’s work and take your share for promoting. 

Step #2 Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Links 

For this purpose, you need to own a website. Next, you write articles around the product you are trying to promote. For instance, I write articles about ClickFunnels on one of my websites because I want it to rank for those keywords on Google. 

Now my articles integrate all my ClickFunnel links. Once someone purchases from me I get the commission, straight and simple. 

You can even make money by promoting the ClickFunnels trial. That means you get commissions even if someone signs up for a ClickFunnels trial as long as they don’t stop using ClickFunnels.

I would suggest you go for a self-hosted website because that will give you more flexibility in terms of managing your website. 

Write good quality content that can help people in some way. In that content share your ClickFunnels products where you feel right. 

You don’t need a ton of traffic coming to your articles every day. Aim for somewhere around 30 to 100 page views per day. This will likely help you convert. Even if you get one conversion per 100 page views, your job is done. 

I would suggest you go for multiple articles. I have around 100+ articles on ClickFunnels alone. This is only one of the products I promote. 

You will see a lot of people writing only a bunch of articles and then navigating thousands of views to those few articles. On the contrary, if you really want it to work, work on getting tons and tons of articles on your website. Even a few views on these many articles will help you convert better. 

Step #3 Populate your Website with Content

For this step, go to a website called, to discover what people are asking about. Put your main target keyword and search. What this website returns is the questions people actually ask on Google around that main keyword. 

You can put an article out for these particular search terms. Do keep in mind that these are not view-intense keywords. You might only get a few hundred views per month against each of these articles. Even if you get 5 to 20 views per day, you can stack the articles and make them work for you.  

What if you get an audience that already has ClickFunnels? 

If someone is searching for ClickFunnels there is a high chance that they are already aware of it or that they already have a ClickFunnels subscription. In that case, you can promote other products that are available of ClickFunnels to make money via your articles. 

The trick is you put the link to a new ClickFunnels subscription for those who don’t have it. And for those who do, you promote ClickFunnel’s products to them. 

Make Money Online For Beginners in 2021

Step #4 Optimize your Articles 

Normally my keywords are pretty simple to rank for so I don’t have to do much optimization on any of my articles but for those that do need optimization here is what I do: 

Place the keyword using a plugin called Keyword Math. 

It allows you to place them in the title that will appear on Google, in your permalink (URL), description (although, sometimes Google will pick a different snippet on the SERPS (search engine result pages)). This is all I do to rank my articles on Google. 

Secret Tips 

Remember, you are only trying to get a few clicks per day. You are not trying to go for the hard search terms of keywords that get thousands of views per day per article. This can get you a nice stack of articles that generate you money every single day. 

Secret #1 Free Course 

Give away a free course on your website on how to make free funnels. This is for people who don’t really know how to do it. Put affiliate links in that course because there is a high chance of it converting. People who are serious will take your course and most probably buy through your links. 

Secret #2 Focus on Share Funnels 

Create your own funnels and share them with people. If people are willing to buy them from you they will first get ClickFunnels and then get your funnels from you. This is a great way to get them to buy from you and from your link as well. It works pretty well.  

I hope you can start off your new year with this one of the best ways to make money online for beginners in 2021.

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