7 Day Business Launch Intensive Review

7 Day Business Launch Intensive Review

This is a  7 Day Business Launch intensive review for anyone who is looking into what it is, what it has to offer and how can you make the best out of this program.

7 Day Business Launch Intensive Review

About 7 Day Business Launch Intensive

 If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to get all the knowledge needed to create your business from scratch and want someone to teach you everything from a to z, this might be something you’re interested in. 

I haven’t come across a training that goes into so many details about all of the different aspects of a business, right from creating business ideas, creating your logo, creating your brand, promoting your brand, how to build your business legally and especially, how to create the day-by-day processes that will help your business to go forward. 

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This is not a get rich quick scheme or something like that. This is a complete training. So if you want to learn how to create a business the right way, stay with me because I tell you everything about the 7 Day Business Launch Intensive in this review. 

This is a new product by Tanisha Coffey and it’s a detailed labor-intensive course based on what Tanisha has found to work the best for the aspiring entrepreneurs that she has been coaching. As well as, all the things that she wished she had known right when she started this training. 

7 Day Business Launch Intensive is designed to help people from an array of industries to start whatever type of business they are interested in launching. 

Price and Upsells 

There are two front versions: the 7-Day Bronze version for $30 and the 7-Day Silver Version for $67. 

The first upsell called ‘Build with Me’ comes at $67.

The second upsell is for $97.

The third upsell called the ‘Website Express’ comes at $187.

Finally, the last upsell called ‘Capture’ comes at $467. 

In the two front ends what you get is as follows:

7 Day Bronze: $30

  • Interactive Blueprint 
  • 2 Pre-Training Modules 
  • 24 Core Learning Modules
  • Training Worksheets 
  • Cheat Sheets

7 Day Silver: $67

  • Multimedia, Interactive Blueprint 
  • 3.5 hours of informational and over-the-shoulder video walkthrough training 
  • 3 Pre-Training Modules 
  • 30 Core Learning Modules 
  • 3 Bonus Modules 
  • Email Swipe File 
  • Training Worksheets 
  • Cheat Sheets

Pros and Cons of 7 Day Business Launch Intensive

  1. It’s an easy step-by-step method that is covered in much depth. It covers all the facets of a business and prepares you for a good launch. 
  2. You can watch over-the-shoulder training and learn in an easy quick manner. 
  3. You are leaning from someone who is not only experienced in building her own business but also has worked to make it happen for a lot of her clients as well. 
  4. Likewise, you get unlimited product ideas to launch. This might give you an information overload if you are confused about what you want to start working on. 
  5. The training comes at very affordable price points all the way up to the 4th upsell, that is if you feel the need to get any. 

Inside the 7 Day Business Launch Intensive Back Office

Inside the member’s area of the Silver option, you will see a very interesting mindmap to help you guide through the course. It’s very easy to follow. As it is a super detailed training it might take me hours to explain everything in all. So for a quick review, I’ll just go through the basic elements for you to get the idea. 

There is a pre-training section that starts off with how to set up your business legally and then goes on to your business plan and finally concludes with training on the budget set for your new business. 

Then you have the course introduction. 

On Day 1 you will set up processes for basic operations. 

On Day 2 you create part 1 of the branding. 

Similarly, On Day 3 you create part 2 of the branding.

On Day 4 you create part 3 of the branding. 

On Day 5 you learn about the target audience, value ladders, and lead magnets. 

And On Day 6 you set up your email marketing and start your brand awareness campaign.

On Day 7 you create buzz, business citations, and tie up loose ends. 

Then you have a few extras which include help on financing your business, help on veteran-owned businesses, and help for women-owned businesses.

Is 7 Day Business Launch Intensive Legit or Scam? 

7 Day Business Launch Intensive is legit. It is a detailed program to get you started with your business right off the bat. You get everything that you need to set up your business. Will this give you the ability to start earning the money as well? It might or might not. You will be learning a lot of things down the line based on your niche and field. But, all in all, it’s a pretty good start. 

That’s it for my 7 Day Business Launch Intensive review by Tanisha. Let me know what are your thoughts on this program? Have you used it? How was it? Will you recommend it to others looking to start their own business? Please leave a response down in the comments section.

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