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Your Blog’s Not Dead: A Blogger’s Guide to Revive & Thrive in 2021

Maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and effort especially when you’re trying to make money from it.

One of the worst feelings for a blogger is hitting the publish button then hearing nothing but crickets afterward. It might make you think twice about whether or not blogging is actually worth your time.

But before you get too discouraged and ask the question “is blogging dead?”, take some time to try out some new things. The new year is upon us which means it might just be time for changes to be made. You can find out how to revive your blog as an affiliate marketer.

Tighten Up SEO

Seo can be a complex matter but it’s definitely one that isn’t going away anytime soon. Although it’ll be around for a good while, it probably won’t always look the same. That’s the thing about SEO—it’s everchanging so you need to make sure your techniques update with it.

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One of the reasons why people might be asking “is blogging dead” is because they don’t rank very well with Google, thus resulting in no leads, sales, conversions, etc. But the real case is that they don’t have a good handle on the latest in SEO tactics and this could greatly affect their visibility.

Brush up on what’s going on in the world of keywords and how to rank them and use the information to your advantage. You may want to hire an SEO expert to run an analysis on your current site.

Understand Effective Content

There are many arguments about how long a blog should be to actually be valuable in Google’s eyes. Some people will say that it’s better to write more lengthy blog posts (1500-2000 words) all of the time. Others claim that you can write shorter posts (500-800 words) and focus on the quality of the content for it to be effective.

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Although it may be true that Google does seem to favor at least medium length articles (around 1200 words), you can still use a combination of article lengths on your site.

You should still always aim to give the best content no matter the length. The internet is becoming smarter by the day and can tell whether you’ve just jammed some words together to meet a minimum character count.

Keep in mind, if you’ve already started with writing lengthier pieces then for the sake of keeping a consistent tone and branding, you may want to stick around that word count.

The important thing is to not write content just to be writing. Review all of your blogs to make sure they are intentional and serve a purpose.

Build More Than a Blog

Maybe you should start looking at your blog as more than that. A lot of successful bloggers still thrive because they’ve built their blog to be a business. That might sound like a larger challenge than what you signed up for but it will actually make your online life easier in the long run.


The thing that will transform your blog into a business is adding automation and systems into the picture. This means that you’ll need to start using tools that don’t require you to start from ground zero of repetitive tasks every day.

Tasks like generating leads, publishing content for traffic, and sending out emails, all have plenty of resources for automation. You’ll begin to see different results from your affiliate blog by putting some structure in place.

Keep Addressing Audience Needs

At the most basic level, your blog is there to either inform, entertain or influence/impact your audience. If it isn’t successful in any of these departments then you won’t see the results that you’re looking for.

Start evaluating your content and make sure you’re still speaking your audience’s language. People want to see content that’s relevant to them and can help them make their lives easier.

Are there any new trends you’ve missed? Is there information that you could be giving? Have you strayed away from the actual theme or goal of the blog with a few of your most recent posts?

These are all factors to consider if you’re trying to revive your blog.

Focus on Driving Traffic

Running a successful blog has a few components but one of the main ones is getting people to visit. If you aren’t consistently driving traffic to your blog then you probably won’t have enough eyes on it to get the results you want.


Focus on getting readers over to your blog. You can use a variety of avenues with one of the most popular and proven ones being social media. Create content for social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, that leads potential customers back to your digital home.

Determine which platforms work best for your audience and start a strategy for publishing consistently. If you’re running a marketing blog then you’ll probably find a good audience on LinkedIn. Selling skincare and beauty products will likely translate best on Instagram or Facebook.

Learn the power of sales funnels and guiding a customer through their journey to get them to the point that you’d like them to arrive at. This will help with the overall understanding and execution of traffic.

Is Blogging Dead?

The question “is blogging dead?” is actually a bit subjective. Overall, it’s safe to say that the machine is alive and kicking if you oil it right.

But it’s important to remember that the world of blogging and online business changes all the time. You can learn to be successful in this field by using some of the tips listed above and remaining consistent.

For more help with making money as a blogger, check out this free entrepreneurship course.

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