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What is Content Marketing in SEO: Is Content Marketing The New SEO

Let’s start with understanding the importance of Search Engine Optimization, it is so important and is consequently often emphasized. However, are you sure you understand just how important it is? Well, let me help you understand more clearly, and explicitly explain to you what is content marketing in SEO.

In sports, during training sessions, athletes try to put in their best so they are placed among the starting team by their coach. No one wants to be a substitute. Why? This is because when the scouts come visiting, attention is paid mostly to the starters as they are considered the best. 

Star players are always among the starting team and they get the endorsements and ambassadorship deals. Everyone knows the importance of being in the starting team, so even athletes that may be lacking in skills strive to be in the coach’s good books, so they can influence their way into the first-choice team. 

However, the fans and scouts know this. They know the real stars that deserve to be there and those that influenced their way there.

In the same vein, as an online business owner, you have to strive to impress Google (coach) with your high-quality content and keywords, so that your blog or website is on the first page when keywords related to your business are searched. 

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How Search Engines Work and It Relevance to Content Marketing

Google using her algorithm chooses the best sites they believe will be the most helpful to their users and rank them first. Consequently, the chosen websites or webpages will have the highest traffic and benefits. Frankly, people hardly click to the next page, just as substitutes are rarely rated.

Understanding the importance of being placed first, some business owners do try to influence their position by buying Google ads. However, users see the inscribed ad on top and know that they are only there because they paid for it, and not because they have the best content. Statistics have shown that 70 and 80 percent of web users don’t click on ads. In the end, sites rated first by Google drive the most traffic. 

This whole process of aiming to rank number one is known as Search Engine Optimization. I hope you now explicitly understand the importance of SEO, and how high-quality content which is within the scope of Content Marketing, can help you achieve it.

There are various tools to enhance SEO, but in recent times content marketing is taking over, causing one to wonder if content marketing is the new SEO. 

Content Marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves the creation of online content such as videos, blogs, social media posts, to attract and retain potential clients and turn them into customers. The main aim of content marketing is to stimulate interest in your brand. 

Content Marketing Vs. SEO: Different or Complementary? 

Is content marketing and SEO the same? No! By definition and practice, they are distinct. However, they have the same goal of generating traffic that can be converted to sales. Also, When fused together a brand comes out strong because they complement each other perfectly.

According to Forbes, SEO without content marketing is like a body without a soul. If appraised, that assertion indicates that Content Marketing gives meaning to SEO and they go hand-in-hand. In fact, SEO is built around content marketing. Your keywords won’t do any good unless you use them in quality content, and every website needs content such as articles, words, online materials, and keywords.

One of the vital characteristics of SEO is about researching and discovering relevant keywords and making use of them, so your website or webpage is ranked higher in the search engine results pages. Though, in SEO you aim for the most likely keywords to be used by web users. However, this alone cannot attract people to your website. There must be solid content in which keywords are embedded into. 

Imagine you own a website that organizes online courses for entrepreneurs. Your keywords are most likely, “Ways to make money online, ” “How to Make Money Online, ” and “How to Start an Online Business.” Nevertheless, it will be unwise and would not yield the required result, if you needlessly keep repeating these keywords. You will have to create viable content, then systematically infuse your keywords into the content. This is the role of content writing in SEO. 

Content Marketing in SEO complement each other, factually, high-quality content can earn you backlinks, and backlinks are very essential in SEO as they are a sign of vote of confidence from one site to another. Therefore, backlinks aid in ranking your website on Google, and you can earn them through high-quality content. 

Factually, if other sites link to the same website search engines do view it as an indication that your site is worth visiting, and it is ranked highly. Content Marketing in SEO is like bread and butter, they can exist distinctly but they blend perfectly.

Additionally, one of the ways to make money online is by Affiliate marketing. Why do brands engage Affiliate marketers? Why is Affiliate marketing good for brands? 

Affiliate marketers create quality content to aid sell your products and services, either via their blogs, websites, YouTube channel, or social media pages. They also backlink your website in their piece of writing improving your SEO. You cannot practice Affiliate Marketing without content marketing skills. This is one way of making money if you can produce quality content with keywords that can attract customers to a brand. 

Final Thought

The understanding of content marketing and SEO is crucial to your ability to make money online. And just how important it is to actualize Search Engine Optimization. Truly content should be your utmost priority with respect to SEO. 

It is via high-quality content that you inform, and keep your audiences hooked to your website. So hooked that they keep coming back, and this is a great way to keep your business flourishing and make money online.

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