Proven Content Promotion Tactics

Proven Content Promotion Tactics Used to Promote My Blog

There are tons of blogs on the internet, blogging about almost anything or topic you can imagine. In such a competitive and overcrowded space, there is a serious need to strategically promote your blog fiercely. Frankly, if you want your content to reach your targeted audience, you need to know how to promote your blog.

In fact, you should spend more time promoting your blog than you spend writing and creating content. How well you promote your blog will determine if your content will get to your target audience. 

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Blog promotion will enable you to yield the fruits of the hard work you put into creating high-quality content, and should therefore not be taken lightly. 

Thankfully, there are various ways or tools with which you can promote your blog content. If you use these tools correctly your blog will record high success.

This article will explain proven tactics that will aid you to promote your blog successfully.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is old but gold. Owning an email list as a blogger is as important as traffic itself, if not more important. Eighty-eight percent of smartphone users check their email actively, making Email Marketing very rewarding, and one of the surest ways to reach your target audience.

As a blogger, you must aim and strive to regularly update your email list or even purchase solo ads, which is Email Marketing Services. This is because through emails you can create a better relationship with your subscribers thereby rapidly increasing your traffic.

Factually, through email marketing, a blogger can create and strengthen connections with subscribers, and keep them drawn to your blog. You can send messages to their email address after publishing an article, this way they stay informed and connected to your blog.

You can also make use of Email Newsletters to turn your readers into subscribers, and later paying customers. This is how to make money online with a blog.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are great mediums to promote the content of your blog.

Sharing your blog posts on your social media pages is how to promote your blog for free.

It is strategic when you share a brief but captivating part of your post on your social media platforms, then attach the link to your blog on the post. If your content is good people will be curious enough to click on your link to read the entire post. Remember, quality is key.

Also, create graphics and other visual materials to promote your blog content on Social Media. Social media promotions must be done in an intentional and strategic manner.

Actually, this is also how to promote your blog efficiently across various platforms.

Search Engine Optimization 

Though you should resist from keyword stuffing, which is the act of needlessly filling your content with keywords hoping to manipulate the site’s ranking during google search results. 

Nevertheless, use keywords correctly when creating content for your blog. it is how you promote your blog for free and get ranked highly by Google. 

These keywords should be placed strategically, so they have the most impact on readers and search engine crawlers. You are advised to place your keywords in your, 

  1. Title
  2. Introductory Paragraph
  3. Subtitles 
  4. Body of work, and
  5. Concluding Paragraph

Furthermore, citing high-quality links in your blog post is not just a good blogging etiquette but can help your blog rank higher in search engines. Also, Backlinks can equally promote your blog. It is an indication that other sites perceive your content as high-quality. SEO is how to promote your blog for free if you understand it.

Collaboration and Outreach

This is done by establishing a symbiotic relationship with bloggers in your niche. By collaborating, you share each other’s content to your various audiences as guest posts. 

Accordingly, you are promoting the contents of each other’s blog, meeting new audiences and driving traffic. Frankly, If you create high-quality content you can even request a link. This will get you more traffic and links will aid you to rank higher in various search engines.

Other than collaborating, you can reach out to experts in your niche, and request that they grant you an interview or contribute to your content creation in your blog. Seeing the input of exceptional individuals on your blog can help promote your blogs and earn you more subscribers.

You can visit Growthmentor to link with professionals.

Quality Content

Writing and creating high-quality content is how to promote your blog.

Quality should always be your priority as regards to content creation. When your contents are good and you make good use of keywords, you can get your blog ranked highly by Google. This will immensely aid you in driving traffic and getting subscribers.

Factually, when people visit your blog and are hooked by the quality of your content, they willingly subscribe to your site, share your content, and help promote your blog. Good content is how to promote your blog for free.

Integrate and Inculcate Visual Media

Integrating media images and videos make your blog posts appealing and create a memorable experience for your viewers. It makes your blog unique, and uniqueness is a great way of promoting your blog’s content.

Your blog post should not always be lengthy articles, not everyone enjoys reading. Also, Consumers remember 65% of visual content versus only 10% of written content. Therefore use quality visual media in your blog posts. This is a great way of promoting your blog since people key into unique experiences.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned are all ways on how you can promote your blogs. Factually, promoting your blog is more important than even creating content, because without the right promotion people will rarely view your content. They will end up like diamonds in the rough, never to be found.
How to make money online from your blog, might be your goal but it should not be your initial priority. After successfully promoting your blog content, earn loyal subscribers, and also rank top on search engines you can proceed into monetizing your blog. This is how to make money online from your blog.

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