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The Profit 365 Review Plan to Make More Money

What is Profit 365?

Profit 365 is a program that teaches you affiliate marketing with the PPC (Pay Per Click) model, paid ad campaigns, email marketing, and ClickBank marketing as a vendor. It also teaches you how to get free traffic to your landing page.

Profit 365 is owned by Jamie Lewis who is an internet marketer.

The cost of the program is $34.


Additionally, you can get the Adwords campaign for every niche with ready to go websites for $94.

For another $174, you can get unlimited personal mentoring from Jamie Lewis.

For $194, you can own a personal business model with website templates, video databases, campaigns, and everything Jamie Lewis uses to be successful as an online marketer and business creator.

Profit 365 Walk Through

When you sign up for the product, you get a sequence of welcome videos where Jamie goes through what the product can give to you.  At the end of the welcome sequence, he has a Q&A session with a class of people who ask various questions that you as a beginner might also have.

After that, he gives you a walk through of the member’s area and what you can expect to get from it.

The three models he discusses in the course are PPC, solo ads, and ClickBank.

VIP Area

If you are in any of the upsells of the program, you get access to the VIP member’s area. This area is where you can get VIP creatives and resources.

Solo Ads

The first series is about how you can get success with solo ads. Andrea goes through the details of the model and teaches you the steps that you need to take in order to get going with solo ads.

Moreover, on the homepage, Jamie has 40 done-for-you solo ad campaigns. It has all the campaigns with the emails and hop links for ClickBank that you can use to create your own campaigns. You can plug and play with these and start making profits right away.

Profit 365 Training Videos with Jamie

Jamie has eight training videos that tell you how you can get success with the three business models. He also tells you how to get more traffic with YouTube as a bonus.


You can register for Jamie’s live webinars here.


  • It is low cost. Upsells are also worth much more than what they ask for.
  • It has a money back guarantee as it is a ClickBank product.
  • It has good-quality videos. Many ClickBank products don’t have much quality in them, but Jamie does have content that is proven to work.
  • Proven business models are taught to you step-by-step.
  • It is an ongoing training with weekly webinars where you can find tons of your questions answered.
  • It is easy to make a profit by following the techniques mentioned in the training.


  • There is a learning curve. Jamie shows you the kind of money he is making with these techniques, but you may not be able to instantly make as much.
  • You need a budget if you are going to do paid advertising and traffic. You might not have it. Jamie does teach you free methods, but they take longer to get results.

All in all, Profit 365 is a good product when compared to other ClickBank products. Jamie’s training is good as they are based on real examples and methods that are proven to work.

If you are looking for success online as an internet marketer, you might want to take a look into Jamie’s video training and resources in Profit 355.

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