The Best Square Cash App Review to Get You Started with Online Payments

Want to give money to your family and friends? Need to pay someone for lunch? Dinner? Babysitting? Want to split a cell phone bill?

Cash App is the answer.

Who carries cash anymore? Hardly anyone, but we do owe people every now and then.

Cash App

Cash App is an application owned by a company called Square. Square has expertise that turns your phone into a cash register by reading your cards. Although, for the Cash App, you don’t need a card reader or a Square account to transfer money.

If you are going out to lunch with your friend who pays the $20 bill with their credit card and you owe them $10, you can simply give them the amount via the Cash App. The amount goes straight into your friend’s account. You are done in seconds.

How to Pay Via the App?

Step 1: Get the Cash App from the PlayStore or AppStore and set up your account.

Step 2: Set up your bank account details. Then select the amount you wish to pay.

Step 3: Add your recipient in the To: input field by searching in your Cash contacts. You can pay via texting, address, email, or a Cashtag (more on this below). The person you are sending this to doesn’t need to have an account.

Step 4: Add the purpose of your transfer.

Step 5: Click on “Pay.”

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If the person at the receiving end doesn’t have a Cash account, they will be sent a message from Cash telling them someone has sent money their way. They will then be prompted to add the cash onto their debit card by inputting the card number and performing a verification. Done!

All you need is an email address, a phone number, and a debit card to get money. Cash App is owned by Square, which is a merchant company. So, the transaction you perform is totally safe.

You are swiping a debit or credit card without actually swiping it.


Cashtag is like a Hashtag only it comes with a $ sign instead of a #. It looks like $yourname. You can set up your Cashtag through the app. This gives you a account. Then, if you wish to get paid by someone, you simply give them your Cashtag, and they can send you money via the tag.

Cash App is simple to set up and great for personal use and business. You now have the independence of paying someone without asking them their bank details or card number. You can find more on Cash App by visiting their website.

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