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Passive Income Ideas – 2021 Edition: 8 Tips on Earning $1000 Monthly

Passive income could easily be imagined as the money you earn while having your life’s fun on a beach or while playing poker with your group of friends in a casino. Well, that is what passive income is all about because there is no reason why anyone would not love to be hiking. At the same time, the account is getting blown away by the inflow of cash. There is no feeling better than this because you are making good money in your comfort zone. 

Thinking about this may sound pretty crazy to the ears, but the truth is you can’t tag passive income as a pipe dream job. According to Forbes, passive income is an “infinite potential income stream.”  What this means is that the possibility of getting passive income is limitless. 

Therefore, getting information on the passive income ideas 2021 edition will serve as a great plus for you.

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There are a lot of ways to make money in your comfort zone without buzzing about to kill yourself on your daily 9-5 job. Passive income is like taking the pain to wash your bedsheet, arrange the bed by spreading the washed bedsheet, and then sleep on it while you watch your favorite TV show from your comfort zone. 

Writing about passive income ideas feels great because you will love to know how it feels to dance to the tone of how much money you are making while away hanging out with friends. 

Below is a list of passive income ideas – 2021 edition

1. Dividend-paying stocks and other investments

Talking about passive income ideas for the year 2021, this is the first you will find to be highly attractive. However, you will require some cash for a start, and with this passive income idea, you can make more than a thousand dollars per month. Paying dividends and putting money in other investments like Fundrise, ETFs help me make money without breaking a sweat. The amount you can pay for these various investments can vary, and you will still make up to $1000 in a month, if not more. However, there is a little waiting time when you are just starting your investment, but starting somewhere will not hurt you, and you will still make more than your investment in the long run. 

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2. Display Ads

In a world where everything has gone digital, you can do well to have for yourself a blog where you can display adverts for lovers of your blog. The fun fact about this is that you can monetize your display ads in a series of ways, and you still won’t have to break a sweat. This begs the question of “how does a display ad work?” Display ads work as much as the billboards you see on your way to work or from your window, but the difference here is that they are being displayed on your website. 

The advertisers pay massive money to the ads company, and when it shows on your website for viewers of your website, you get paid. You can make more than a thousand dollars from a display ad if your site has excellent traffic.

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3. Selling Stock Photos

There is an increasing demand for selling stock photos on the internet as it is becoming a useful tool for content creation for companies and individuals. For photographers who have excellent photo banks, you can begin to market on sites like DepositPhotos, and you will get a great reward for your work. This may sound stressful, but it isn’t because you are doing what you like, and why can’t you opt for making money instead of just keeping your cloud storage full of pictures for no reason. You can research a series of companies that do this business and sign up.

4. CPC (Cost Per Click) Ads

Display ads pay you by just the number of traffic generated by your website daily. However, the CPC ads pay you as soon as someone clicks on the link, regardless of what they do after that. In this case, you don’t have to hope that the person signs up, buys the product before you get paid. It is that easy once there is a click on the ad, you are paid. 

You may begin to think of going to your website and clicking on the link by yourself to make more money, but I will advise that this is a bad idea, and you will be banned. The best thing to do in this case is to build your traffic so you can have more people viewing your ads.

5. Affiliate marketing

Investment has been the foremost and significant way to make passive income, but affiliate marketing is now one of the best ways to make sure you smile at your bank. To earn passive income through affiliate marketing, you will need to have a website or have a platform that will make it easy for you to make promotions for other companies. When your affiliate link is used to sign up for a webinar or used to buy a product online, you get paid. Therefore, you need to have significant traffic on your website or social media platforms to make this a reality.

6. YouTube Ads

YouTube ad may not feel as passive as some of the other ideas listed so far; however, it is still worth being on this post. If you post videos on YouTube to make money, why not double the money by also posting ad videos. You only need to make the video once, and as much as people continue to see the video, you are getting paid. You can make a video in 2016, and if the video gets viewed tomorrow, you still get paid.

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7. Selling Courses Online

You must have seen a lot of people creating courses and selling them online; this is a type of passive income that works like YouTube Ads. You only need to create the product once, and you can continue to market it for as long as you want. The more you market, the more buyers you get. 

8. Selling Digital Products

The digital product business is gradually becoming one of the easiest ways to make money online. Digital products could be an e-book, instruction guides, how to make pastries, or anything. It could come in different forms. Create a product that will attract people and keep on marketing.

Final Thoughts

There is a strong belief that after reading the eight passive income ideas 2021 edition, you will find it easy to make a move on how to start building your passive income. To help you in your quest to make a passive income, we’ve attached a free guide titled; The Ultimate Passive Income Guide. 

This will help you through your journey of becoming a passive income earner. 

The guide will usher you into your journey into financial freedom without breaking a sweat. 

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