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Money Looper Review: A Scam or It’s Worth The Hype?

Money Looper is a Mike Thomas’ make money online product. You must have come across its popular sales video when searching for ways to make money online. Its headline is attractive enough to get people listening through to the end. After all, there is a promise of $70 if you listen and watch until the end of the video.

What is Money Looper about?

Money Looper is a system that uses automated software to find loopholes on the web. These loop-holes are low-hanging income opportunities in ClickBank. According to the owner, loop-holes can create multi-million dollar opportunities. The system requires partners to cover the costs involved in the continually uncovered loopholes. So, patronizing this scheme makes you a partner with a team of owners.

That’s pretty much what Money Looper is about.

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How Does Money Looper Work?

Since the system is automated, all you need is a mobile phone or computer to access the system. Money Looper, however, requires a one-time access fee of $37. On the Money Looper Dashboard, you’ll see four sections. These are E-books, Tools & Updates, knowledge Base and Contact Support. Some of these materials are useful if you are learning how to make money online.

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There is a series of brief video explanations on how to exploit the money loopholes. These include:

  1. Picky Domains – the owner explains how you can generate domain names on shopify. You will then upload these to the pickydomains site and get paid if someone buys any of them.
  2. Cardpoole – when you fill out random surveys on the Surveyjunkie site, you’ll earn gift cards for each. You will then sell these gift cards on Cardpoole.
  3. TV Ratings – this works with Neilson website which belongs to a reputable company. It is a site for generating data analytics for consumers and markets across the globe.

There is another set of two videos called the Emergency Cash Generator. They explain how to earn money from filling out surveys on the CashCrate website.

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After that, there are a series of upsells promising even greater returns.

You do not get to see the talked about software, so no one really knows how the system works.

Is Money Looper a Scam?

Making money online takes time and may not be as swift as you think. This means you are not likely to get the millions you expect from Money Looper soon. Some methods are kind of outdated.

On the contrary, here are a few cons:

  • Surveys and affiliate marketing are actually legit ways to make money online.
  • Money Looper has a two months 100% get-your-money-back guarantee. That sounds fair enough, especially when you are having doubts. If it doesn’t meet your expectations within sixty days, you can request a refund. You will have to contact the ClickBank customer support.
  • There are comprehensive guides that can help beginners get a hang of what’s required.

So, no…

We don’t think Money Looper is a scam.

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Money Looper Review Final Thoughts

A lot of things about Money Looper remains a mystery. The only advice is that you tread with caution. There are many genuine ways to make money online if you know your way around.

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