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How To Make Money Online With Surveys – No Experience Necessary

There are many avenues online to make money, and many people are exploring those avenues and channels. Participating in online surveys is a viable option to making money online.

Businesses and companies all around the world conduct surveys to answer certain questions and solve certain issues.

These questions are different and cover a wide range of topics and can come in different formats.

The questions on surveys are strategically planned to achieve the purpose for which the surveys were created. You should consider the following points when structuring or wording your survey:

  • The major objective of the survey
  • The implementation plan for the survey
  • The decisions that the survey will cause you to make.

Why Are Surveys Carried Out?

The answer to this question varies from organization to organization. Below are some major reasons why surveys are carried out:

  • To Find Answers

Surveys help to find answers to certain questions.

If a survey is carried out in a non-intimidating environment. Respondents are better able to provide answers to the questions asked.

From respondents comments, feedback, and opinions, companies are able to come up with a theory that may solve their problem.

Examples of surveys that generate honest responses are online surveys, paper surveys, mobile surveys, etc. This is because this guarantees a level of anonymity than face-to-face surveys.

  • Sparks Discussions

Surveys are a way to stimulate discussion among respondents.

It is certain that many people will have different opinions concerning a topic. Surveys help to gauge the level of these different opinions.

Communicating with your respondents about your survey will assist you in digging deeper for information.

  • Make Decisions

When you conduct a survey in an unbiased manner. Feedback and comments can help you make informed decisions for your business.

In making critical decisions, you will need to consist collect data and analyze them.

So making decisions based on assumptions will not be productive in the end.

Data analysis via surveys can help you concentrate on important matters rather than focusing on issues of less importance.

  • Compare Results

Surveys are channels through which you can make comparisons between respondents. Surveys will help you establish benchmarks from which you can compare results over time. This will help you determine the underlining factor behind their decisions.

How To Turn Surveys Into Money

If you have an opinion concerning several topical issues around the world. You can turn that into a gold mine by participating in online surveys.

With every survey you take, you’re capable of earning between $1-5.

If you’re an experienced survey taker, you’re capable of increasing those earnings to between $7-8 per hour.

If you work on several surveys for a whole month, you will be making so much.

You can make this right from the comfort of your home.

Many research companies exist that pay you to take surveys. However, you must take care because some sites conjure these surveys to get your information so that they can bombard your mail with spam.

To be successful in turning surveys into money, these are what you should consider:

  • Open an email account that will be strictly for taking surveys.
  • Register on as many survey sites as you can.
  • Even if the survey pays little, do not be picky.
  • Provide honest opinions always as a rule.
  • Have an allocated time to complete surveys.
  • Enable the AutoComplete feature on your browser.
  • Avoid divulging sensitive information on a survey.

Below are online platforms that will pay you to take surveys:

  • Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars gives you the opportunity to earn more money than just taking surveys. As soon as you register, you earn money for reading emails and permitting Inbox Dollars to learn about you as you play online video games as well as shop. It is like getting two things for the price of one. You get money as well as pleasure when you shop.

  • Swagbucks

This survey platform is likely the most famous survey companies around.

For every survey that you participate in, they reimburse you with Swagbucks or SB. These are card gifts that can be redeemed on Amazon or a wide range of online retailers.

  • Harris Poll Online

The Nielsen Group runs this online survey company.

This entitled them to be one of the largest and most reputable research firm markets around. This online survey company gives you the opportunity to take surveys for some household names and thus earn rewards from companies like ESPN, Amazon, iTunes, Wallstreet Journal, etc.

  • Springboard Panel

On Springboard panel, you’re paid a small sum for every survey you take.

As soon as the small amounts have reached the $50 mark, you can redeem your funds on Amazon gift cards. If you prefer receiving it directly in the form of bank deposits or prepaid VISA cards, ithat is also possible.

  • CashCrate

CashCrate gives you the opportunity not only to earn money on taking surveys, but also on playing video games, as well as web searches. These offers are exclusive to CashCrate.

They can send you a check if you decide not to use gift cards. As soon as you get to the $20 threshold, you will get paid.

  • Toluna

xToluna rewards its users for taking surveys with gift cards from companies such as Redbox, Sears, Target, etc.

Toluna operates based on points.

So when you have accumulated a certain number of points as a result of taking surveys, you’re paid when you get to the minimum required level.

  • Opinion Outpost

On this platform, members are randomly selected to participate in a survey. For every survey you complete, you’re rewarded with Opinion points.

Every survey on this site has its value. Every 10 points are redeemable at $1.

  • Global Market Test

This platform was launched in 1999 and carried out research for global clients.

You will receive market points on completion of a survey.

Each survey has about 35-40 points as rewards.

To Wrap It Up

These online survey sites and many more that exist will help you turn those informed opinions that you have into a gold mine.

If you have any additional questions on how to make money online with surveys. Please leave them in the comments section below.

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