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Instagram for Business: 8 Proven Tips to Increase Profit

Imagine what you can achieve as a business in a place where over 300-million people converge to share photos and videos on a daily basis.

There’s no tenable excuse to give if you are not taking advantage of Instagram for business. There’s a lot you can achieve with Instagram. It is too big and relevant to be ignored.

While Instagram has become part of the lives of many, it should also form part of your business. Take advantage of social media marketing with these Instagram for business tips:

1. Ensure Your Bio Is Killer

Don’t allow people to form an opinion of what your business is all about by themselves. Use your bio to tell them, and make sure it’s a winner. An Instagram bio should appeal to your audience and explain what your business is all about.

2. Make Sure Your Instagram Bio Has a Link

You’ve got to maximize Instagram to the fullest, and that starts with you being able to drive traffic from your Instagram bio to your homepage.

If you are running a campaign, you can also embed that link in your bio.

3. Your Profile Image Must Be Recognizable

It is recommended that you use your business logo or mascot for your Instagram business account. From the first look, people must recognize your image.

4. Understand the Need of Your Audience

Every business has a target audience, and an understanding of your audience will determine how you will engage them on your Instagram business account. Every piece of your content must speak to the needs of your audience and appeal to them.

5. Engage with Your Audience

The idea is to talk with them and not at them. Be involved with your target audience. Share their images related to your business and hold contests. Ask them to caption your images or “share a time when” kind of engagements. Bring up a unique hashtags in promoting your business also.

6. Align Hashtags with Your Brand

The idea is to make use of relevant hashtags at all times, but that does not mean you should go overboard with the use of hashtags. More importantly, avoid hashtags that you know are already overused. Ensure your Instagram hashtags are always relevant to the content shared.

7. Always Deliver Quality Content

You should post only great content. You can develop content strategies that allows for classic storytelling. We all love stories, especially when infused in an image. When the story resonates with your audience’s needs, you can win a customer to your side.

8. There Must Always Be a Call to Action

Don’t leave your target audience in a loop as to what you expect from them. Every one of your posts must come with an expectation.

Let them know whether you expect them to download an eBook or visit a website or participate in a survey.

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