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How to Make Money with Penny Stocks in 2021

More than ever, penny stocks are growing in popularity. Which is why you need to be conversant with how to make money trading penny stocks.

The low barrier of entry into the penny stock market and your ability to turn your widows’ mite into large sums has made penny stocks grow in popularity and acceptance.

You either have to join the ranks of the savvy investors who knows how to make quick profits with penny stocks, or the other majority who are likely to lose all they have through penny stocks.

There’s an underlying difference between these two sets of investors: one group knows how to make money trading with penny stocks and the other doesn’t. The following are the differences between the two groups:

1. You Have to Know How to Find the Best Penny Stocks Companies

You need to be able to identify a potential money making penny stock. Which is why you need to identify some characteristics in the companies to invest into. Firstly, you should only invest into a penny stock in a company ready to make money rather than losing money.

You should also be sure that the company has enough cash to pay out.

Lastly and most importantly, the company must be one that has a strategy in place to grow.

2. Knowing What Undervalued Penny Stock to Invest Into

It’s quite difficult to identify a profitable penny stock, it’s a skill only a handful of investor have mastered. There is a difference between a company doing well and their penny stock doing well also.

You may assume that the company looks good on paper but in reality, you will lose out when you invest into their penny stock.

Find the right company with an undervalued penny stock and make your move.

3. Being Able to Make Use of Scanners to Find a Good Penny Stock

As far as penny stock is concerned, you ability to make a good kill out of it is built on your ability to find a profitable one. Skilled investors usually understand how to use scanners to make this decision.

You can also bank on breaking news, volume of trade and the number of available stocks to make this decision.

Inside our members area, we give you access to the scanner we use when picking the penny stocks we choose to invest in.

4. Be at Home with Reading Stock Chart Patterns

Just think of yourself as a stock trader and know you will need to have an understanding of both the fundamentals and technical aspect of penny stock trading. Your quest to know how to trade penny stocks to make money will be easier with this understanding.

While most penny stock traders prefer fundamental analysis, you’ll be a step ahead with the additional technical analysis knowledge.

5. Don’t Get Over Emotional With Any Penny Stock

Behind every penny stock is an exciting story. That’s what the company wants you to see. You need to look behind their claim of being ready to revolutionize the world and see what’s really there to invest in.

Always be guided by your own research and findings. Learn to diversify, and don’t enter a trade because a friend is asking you to do so.

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