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How To Use Instagram Influencers To Promote Your Instagram Page

If you have yet to employ influencer marketing for your business, now is the best time to start. With Instagram influencing, you are able to build awareness, drive sales and build a growing follower base for your brand.

Check through your Instagram feed, you’ll see influencers promoting a number of products and services. You can duplicate this form of promotion for your business to see an improved engagement and sales conversion for your products.

If you are still in doubt as to why you should use Instagram influencers, we’ll give you a couple of reasons;

Massive Reach

    Instagram the second most popular social media platform with around 1 billion active users and 71% of United States businesses use Instagram for marketing. In the US alone, 32% of internet users are on Instagram.

    High Level Engagement

      Instagram generates more engagements than Twitter and Facebook. While Facebook experience 16.54% engagement, that of Instagram is almost double at 29.67%.

      As a brand and business, you’ll get more out of Instagram.

      The Effectiveness of Instagram

        Even influencers acknowledge the efficacy and effectiveness of Instagram for business.

        Rather than engage influencers on other platforms, you can trust Instagram for better results.

        In all, using Instagram for influencer marketing can be time-consuming, but you can trust these steps to help make it simpler and easier;

        1. What Are Other Brands and Competitors Doing?

        If you are abreast of what other brands and even your competitors are up to with Instagram marketing. Then you will have a grasp of what to share as content to which they get the most engagement.

        Get the metrics on your competitor, then you will know where to direct your Instagram marketing efforts. Don’t limit it to just your competitors. Focus on other brands doing well on Instagram as well.

        2. Creative Freedom With a Guide

        To get more out of Instagram influencing, you need to give your Instagram influencer total freedom to determine the content to share. You need to be able to trust your influencer to create an original and engaging content.

        If you are unable to create a 100% freedom, then develop a brief that should guide content creation and sharing. Look for something along a mood board to serve as a brief.

        3. Determine What Should Be The Collaboration Structure

        At this point, you must have chosen the influencers you intend to work with. Then, you will discuss issues around time frame, the turnaround time; how the output will be, the output mode; the payment schedule and sponsored hashtags.

        4. Maximize The Value of Content

        After releasing the influencers post to promote your Instagram page. You may consider working to receive additional value from the content published by the influencer by using it in other places.

        For example, you may decide to publish it on the product page, as a Facebook ad, and even on other social media pages.

        Now that you know this…

        Be sure you discuss with the influencer that you wish to use the content on other platforms and other mediums.

        Final Words…

        It’s time to experiment with Instagram influencer marketing. Take the next step by learning a bit more about this and so much more, in this free Online Entrepreneur course by WiFi Entrepreneur.

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