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How To Be A Blogger And Get Paid

One of the most celebrated freelance writers once wrote about, how she went from $0 to $5000 a month through earnings from being a blogger.

She’s not the only one earning a substantial amount of money from blogging.

Some top blogs, like the ones you open at least once a week. Have great fans just like you visiting weekly while they rake in a good amount of traffic on a daily basis. This is largely due to the top-quality content they have being dished out consistently.

This translates to good traffic, which further positively impacts the income from blogging.
For you to be a blogger and get paid, you’ll need a combination of top notch content, steady and regular traffic with a dose of consistency.

In no time, you’ll find yourself making a good kill as a blogger through your earnings.

To be a blogger and get paid, you have to be offering something of value.

Simply put, for you to get answers to your questions of how to be a blogger and get paid, your blog must hold an important place in the heart of its readers.

Three questions always pop up when this topic of being a paid blogger comes up; who pays a blogger, how soon can you start earning money from blogging and, what are the tips to succeeding as a blogger? The answers to these questions can be solved by these five key points; Ads, Products, Sponsored Posts, Affiliate Marketing and, Services. We’ll look at each of the points in relation to how you can be a blogger and get paid through them.


    Of all the means through which a blogger gets paid, Ads could be the most notable and consistent.

    When you think you have garnered a large audience and steady flow of traffic, join an ad network. You will get paid either by click or by impression. Popular Ads networks include Adsense, Mediavine, Sovrn, Adthrive, etc.


      As a blogger, Ads are not the only means to get paid. You can make good money by selling your own products.

      You can sell digital products, courses, memberships, subscriptions, and many others.

      Sponsored Posts

        There are companies and businesses with interests related to your blog. They can pay you to create posts about their products and services.

        This is a way of creating credibility and advertising their products in an editorial manner.

        Affiliate Marketing

          As a blogger, another way to get paid through your blog is by becoming an affiliate. You will be advertising the products of other businesses.

          When sales originate through your efforts, you are paid a commission which is a percentage of the value of the products.


            People are always going to need your help and expertise.

            As a blogger, you will be recognized as an authority in your niche.

            Using this method, your blog is used as a lead magnet to prove your knowledge and expertise of a field. You can then easily be consulted and paid as an expert.

            Final Words…

            Being a blogger could be quite rewarding if you invest the right resources and efforts.

            See it as a physical business that needs to be built and tended on a daily basis.

            See yourself as an entrepreneur, seek knowledge such as this Free Online Entrepreneur course being offered by WiFi Entrepreneur.

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