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How To Outsource Blog Writing

Blogging can be extremely rewarding, and if you run a business, it can be an effective marketing strategy. Yet, due to the increasing number of blogs online, the content quality of your website needs to be very high.

What if you don’t feel like you have the necessary writing skills to achieve that? What if, while striving to write top-quality content, you feel like you’re losing focus on other important aspects of your business, such as marketing, promotion, social media, getting leads, and others?

The answer is easier than what you may think: you should consider outsourcing blog writing. After all, it’s common for small and medium-sized businesses to outsource other functions like accounting or payroll – why not to do the same for blog writing?

If you’re completely new to this, if you don’t know where to start, or you just need to learn more about this, read on to find out the strategies and tips on how to outsource blog writing.

Find the best outsourcers

The first thing you should aim when considering outsourcing your blog writing work is to find good freelance writers.

There are plenty of places where you can look for writers:

  • Online Platforms

LinkedIn, Upwork, Problogger, Fiver are all well known and valuable online platforms where talented writers can offer their work and set their rates. Visiting them can help you find the writer that suits your needs and budget.

  • Writers from competitor web sites

Tools like Ahrets and SEMrush can allow you to find out what writers are writing for your competitor sites. Searching them out and asking them to write for your blog/site, you can ensure you will get experienced, high-quality content writers.

  • Hiring niche enthusiasts

If you come across a niche enthusiast writing on a forum (search through Facebook groups, Reddit, Quora…) you should consider hiring him/her, especially if your niche is particularly narrow and you’re having a hard time finding competent writers.

Ask for the writer portfolio

You should always ask the writer to provide their portfolio (samples or links to their written works) before you hire them.

Educate your writer

If you’re considering outsourcing your blog writing work you should prepare yourself to spend some time explaining your goals to the writers. They will need less and less coaching over time, especially if you’ve given clear instructions and created a good relationship with them.

Set a strategy

You should avoid outsourcing until you have an editorial strategy and publishing calendar in place. You can’t ask someone to write for your blog/site if you don’t exactly know what your blog/site is going to be about, what its tone, style and target are going to be, or when your content is going to be published online.

Consider your budget

Last but not least, before outsourcing your blog content it’s crucial to consider your budget. Before hiring anyone, it’d be wise to do a bit of research. Consult employers operating in your field about the rates they’re paying, and contact more than one writer before deciding who to hire.

We hope you’ll find these tips on how to outsource your blog writing helpful, and remember: the quality of the work won’t depend exclusively on the writer’s talent, but also on your ability to hire the right one, educate him/her properly, and set winning editorial strategy.

If you would like more great tips like this, tell us what you would like to see in the comments section. And we will make it happen for you.

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