How To Make Money Online

The internet is like an ocean, you are either one of its numerous fishes, or you are one of its finest fishermen. Which are you?

Accessing the internet daily without making money from it, is like being inside a river and still having soap in your eyes. It is simply an absurdity!

Statistics have shown that over 90 percent of the adult U.S. population accessed the internet. This is how valued the internet is, and it is quite heartbreaking to notice that a host of persons do not benefit monetarily from their online presence.

How can you be in the hub of global business and don’t profit from it? This simply implies that most people use the internet for the wrong reasons or are simply ignorant on how to make money online. 

The internet as the global hub for business is raging with so many opportunities that if well exploited is cash rewarding. 

If you are not acquainted with how to make money online this article will get you started. 

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 Tips to making money online

Acquire Knowledge

Getting educated is still the key to success, you just need to learn the right things.

In this digital era there are certain courses when undertaken will give you the perfect skills you need in order to make money online.

Undertaking a course on digital marketing and becoming an expert digital marketer is a great way to start earning money online. 

According to Glassdor, an average digital marketer earns about $57,473 dollars yearly. They are highly sought because of the great role they play in digital marketing. The importance of digital marketing to the growth of any business in this age cannot be completely exhausted.

Also, tech courses such as data science, cybersecurity, programming, etc will give you an edge, as well as the skills you need to make money online. 

Equipping yourself with the right skills is actually the first step to making money online. If you already have expertise in skills or services that are valuable you can skip this first step, or add more to your body of knowledge. The more, the better.

Online Educator

Whatever you are proficient in can earn you cash online if you are willing to tutor others. 

Starting an online class is a great way of earning online. Platforms such as zoom, google classroom, YouTube, etc have made online teaching easy and efficient. Therefore people are more willing to learn online. 

The cheapest fee for an online course in Udemy cost about $9.9 dollars and some courses have about 200,000 enrolled students. If multiplied you get a whooping sum of $1,980,000 dollars. Amazing! 

By all means, if you are an expert in any field do yourself a favor and create an online class. You will be glad you did. 

Start A Business

The goal of every business is to make profit and an online business is one of the most profitable.

According to Oberlo, In 2020, the number of digital buyers is expected to be 2.05 billion. That makes 26.28% of the world’s population. Ladies and gentlemen if there is anywhere you should be selling or providing services, it should be online.

Do you have a good business idea? Or an existing business that isn’t online? If yes, create a business page on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Also create a website, if you can’t then try using Shopify.

Thankfully there is Udimi to aid in generating traffic for your site. Udimi is a free marketplace that connects solo ads, sellers and buyers.

A solo ad is an email advertisement purchased from other email list owners. On your behalf the owner of the email list will send out an advertising email to their email list.

In simpler terms, a solo ad is the act paying to get your business advertised through email marketing.

They are cheaper than other paid traffic sources such as, Facebook ads or Google Adwords. Through Udimi you can purchase genuine solo ads devoid of bot clicks. Making them the most preferred site for solo ad.  

Good contents and SEO tools are also ways of attracting traffic to your business. When there is traffic, there are sales.


Working as a freelancer is an awesome way of making money online. 

This is perfect if you desire to be self-employed and become your own boss.

Freelancing platforms such as fiverr and Upwork have successfully built a marketplace where people with various skills can meet those willing to purchase their services. 

These services include, content writing, graphics, programming, digital marketing, etc.

Thousands of individuals have generated income from these platforms. Join these platforms today and ensure you fashion your skill in such a way it is attractive to interested buyers. 

By so doing you will be on your way to earning quite a fortune and becoming your own boss. 

Social Media Influencer/Sponsored Post

If you own a website, a blog, or a vlog with high traffic this is a great way to earn cool cash. Also, if you have thousands or millions of followers on social media and can be regarded as a social media influencer, this is a cozy way of making money online. 

Companies and groups pay thousands and millions of dollars for sponsored posts, and advertisement in pages or sites with high traffic. 

According to Fox business, Kylie Jenner is the highest-paid social media Influencer, and she is paid over a million dollars for each sponsored post. Wow! 

You don’t necessarily need hundreds of millions of followers before you can start cashing out via sponsored ads. If you create quality content and grow your page to thousands of followers, you can earn from as low as $200 to $20,000 for each sponsored post or advertisement. 

Affiliate Marketing

If you are interested in blogging, vlogging or you own a website this is another cool way to make money online. 

This is a form of marketing in which you simply have to affiliate with other brands to market their products in your page, YouTube channel, or website. 

This affiliation can be possible if your website, page, or YouTube channel drives traffic. Luckily udimi is always there to help.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is best you align with a brand that has the same interests as you. If the content of your blog/website/vlog is on cosmetic and make-up, affiliate with a cosmetic company and start earning. 

If I say any of the above mentioned is easy, then I will be spewing the biggest lie of the century. Like all good things, making money online is not easy but very possible, achievable and worthwhile. Quit being a fish, and start fishing. 

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