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How to Generate Leads for Network Marketing – DOs and DON’Ts

Developing a Lead Generation Strategy can be extremely important for your business. Your efforts would be optimized, and you would avoid wasting your time, money and energy in the long run.
Instead of reaching out to as many people as you can, among those you know and don’t know. You should aim to generate solid leads that can translate to sales.

There are several effective strategies you can apply, and some in our opinion, you should avoid.

In this article we are going to discuss both advised and unadvised strategies, so you can have a clear understanding of the whole topic.

Know Your Target Audience

First things first; think about the kind of people that’s most likely to have the need for your product or service: this is your target audience. Also, try to figure out where your target audience can be found, physically and virtually.

No matter what strategy you choose to generate leads, you should always keep in mind your target audience, their needs and desires and how your product or service can fulfill them.

What To Avoid

1) The so-called Warm Market

    Some marketers recommend listing 100 people that you know (family and friends) who are going to be your very first leads. This is the so called Warm Market. On the contrary, we suggest spending time finding people who are interested in what you’re selling rather then annoying your family and friends and trying to convince them to sign up. Especially if they are not really interested in your product or service.

    2) Buying Leads

      Buying leads is also not the best option. Not only can this be an expensive activity, but it can also result in leads that aren’t really interested in your product/service. The best leads are the ones that you generate yourself – people who have shown real interest in what you are offering.

      How to Generate Leads for Network Marketing

      1) Create a Website

        The first step of generating leads is to make people aware of what you offer and get them interested in it. The best way to achieve that is to let them visit your website.

        That’s why you should create a website about your business or a topic that is related to it. For example, if you sell techs, create a website or blog about tech companies’ last releases.

        If you are not a writer don’t worry. You don’t have to build and write it on your own. You can hire someone to design the site for you, and also writers who can produce professional content (see our dedicated article on how to outsource blog writing).

        2) Build an Email List

          The second step is to ask your leads to sign up for your email list. One of the most effective ways to convince them to do so is to offer them something free.

          For example, if you’re selling sports gear, provide a free downloadable 2-week fat burning work out. This way you will be collecting lead info. Just be sure that you’re following the regulations regarding email marketing.

          3) Use Social Media

            You can use social media to create interest around your business and generate leads. An example would be a make-up tutorial post on YouTube if you’re selling make-up products.

            But there are several ways to generate leads through social media and we’ve discussed them in a dedicated article. See Facebook Leads Generation for further info and tips.

            4) Develop a Referral Program

              People who are referred by others are more likely to purchase your product or service than people who aren’t.

              That’s why developing a referral program can be an effective marketing strategy to generate possible customers. An example of that is to offer a discount on the buyer’s next purchases for every new customer they refer.

              In conclusion

              Above are just some of the best ways to generate leads for network marketing.

              Check out this free book from Russell Brunson that talks about this and a few more of the “new school” network tactics.

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