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How To Find Keywords For Your Business

So you have a new business, but you are struggling to drive traffic to your site.

People are telling you to get on Google to find customers, but you don’t know what a keyword is and you don’t know how to find keywords for your business.

Don’t worry. We can help.

What Is A Keyword?

Anything that an individual is searching for, either as a phrase or a word, using a search engine is termed a Keyword.

Using keywords, like when you search in google. Is the fastest and most convenient way to locate what you’re looking for online.

The word may be as short as “Food” for instance, when searched. Everything about that word will be displayed depending on how the websites are ranked in the search engine.

As a business owner that runs and operates a website. Keywords are important to how successful your company will do online. Using keywords will help spread awareness about who you are and what you do.

To rank high on a search engine, the keywords that you use must be related to your business.

If you run a catering service, for instance. The keywords to enable search engines to find you can be “Where To Buy Food.”

This will make it easier for those looking for information on this topic or information where they can get a catering service provider.

How Do You Find Keywords?

So how do you come up with keywords for your website.

The trick is to go with keywords that are peculiar to your business. Using keywords like “Were To Buy Food” will breed a lot of competition. This is because several websites may have a similar keyword for their website, therefore making it difficult for you to be seen.

That is why it is important and safer to use Long tail keywords.

Although these keywords are searched for least often. They are very effective in search engines.

Instead of using “Where To Buy Food,” you can use something like “Where To Buy Food For Vegans.”

This is quite long but more specific.

How Are Keywords Used?

As soon as you have come up with which keywords to use for your business website. The next important question is, “How are they used?”

Incorporate them into your site and start creating content that is useful based on those terms.

Although you may have been told to use the exact phrase that you are aiming to rank for more often than it is required.

However search engines are now much wiser.

Search engines are now able to promote articles that contain information that is related in terms of the words that are being searched.

Ways To Find Keywords For Your Business

Just as it has been stated earlier. Keywords are essential to how well your business does in search engines.

Your website needs to specific keywords for your business to succeed online.

When used well, the SEO of your business is not only increased, but sales and patronage are also increased.

These are ways to help you find keywords for your business.

  • Brainstorming

The simplest way to come up with keywords for your business is to think and think.

Write down a list of possible keywords that your clients or consumers will likely type into their search engine.

Putting yourself in the consumer’s place is one way to help you come up with useful keywords.

You can also ask your friends to help you come up with keywords.

This may take a long time, but it is very effective.

  • Free Keyword Research Tools

Another way to get keywords for your business is to use keyword research tools.

These tools are free for you to use.

A lot of tools exist that can give you detailed statistics about keywords.

Examples of such keyword research tools include Jaaxy, Google Correlate, Keyword Planner, etc.

  • Consider Your Local Market First

This is always important because of fierce competition.

Catering for your local market includes adding keywords that are location-based to help promote the visibility of your business, thereby increasing sales and patronage within your locality.

These location-based keywords can be based on the state where your business is located, its town, a few miles away from your exact location, etc.

If more and more clients begin to search for your business based on those keywords over time, your business will rank very high on Google.

  • Research On Who Your Clients Are

To choose keywords for your business, you need to understand the personality of your clients; what they want and how they want it.

Details like gender, hobbies, behaviors, interests, etc. of your consumers will help you come up with useful keywords and increase the SEO of your business.

  • Analyze Search Reports

The search box on your website can help you come with several ideas regarding what your clients are searching for when they visit your website. Their search habits can help you come up with ideas on how to develop keywords.

You can then use the results of such analysis to develop products or content geared towards satisfying the client’s expectations. This will then help you in targeting a wider audience.

  • Focus On Keywords

You are going to come up with many keywords during your research, but it is not possible to use them all.

What you need to do is: Focus on keywords that give your product or service the highest profit margin; Focus on those keywords that do not attract much competition even though the profit margin may be small. Focus on keywords that can help sell more than one product.

You can then start focusing on expanding your SEO on keywords when these other keywords begin to do well.

  • Trends

Trends are what people are talking about.

You can adopt a trending topic that is related to your business and develop content around it.

This will mean that when people search for that topic, they’ll see your website, and therefore, it serves as a form of advertising for your business.

SEO is a valuable digital asset to consider when it comes to conducting business online.

This will determine how visible you will be on search engines.

To Wrap It Up

Using these steps, and more will give you ideas on how to come up with keywords for your business.

You shouldn’t worry if you don’t see results at first, with time, you will.

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