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How To Earn Money By Writing Online Articles

Do you have a knack for writing?

Do you consider yourself a wordsmith?

Then it’s time to monetize your passion by becoming a writer.

Whether you call yourself a freelance writer, content writer or blog writer. One thing is certain, you can make money writing articles.

There are thousands of websites that will pay you to write articles. There are also freelance marketplaces for you to explore and trade your skills for money.
It’s quite a rewarding venture to write online, as you can work at your own speed and set your rates.

In short, you are an entrepreneur with total control over your own schedule.

There are different paths towards writing online to make money, choose which ever suits you the best;

Join an Online Marketplace

One of the popular services offered on online marketing places is writing.

Using Fiverr as an example, you can choose to specialize in any aspect of writing; article and blog post, UX writing, website content writing, product reviews and descriptions, and many others

There are several marketplaces to consider; Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PayPerHour, iWriter, and many others. With the right skills, you can become an established seller on any of these marketplaces.

Cold Pitch Clients

One other way to earn a living as a writer is by contacting websites directly.

This is like sending a sales letter and offer to these sites.

In the letter, you sell yourself to these potential clients of your skills and expertise as a writer. Usually, you will send samples and links of past work as a proof.

Cold pitching may take a longer period, but it results in long-term contracts if you are able to convince the clients of your expertise and experience. Cold pitching entails being able to convince the potential clients of your ability to add value to their websites through your content.

Look For Blogs, Magazine and Websites in Need of A Writer

There’s always a potential client looking for writers, and most times they put out words to that effect.

Check through job boards, there is always a list of websites in need of a writer.

Pitch your tent with as many as possible, they all pay different rates and have different turn around time.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online writing articles. Just like being offered a job on a platter of gold.

If the client finds your work fascinating, you will be hired.

Write eBooks

Other than the earlier mentioned mediums of earning money online as a writer. You can also earn a living by writing eBooks.

These books can be on any subject that can be re-marketed to a potential customer.

The information industry is a billion dollar industry and you should take advantage of this.

You can also publish books on Amazon Kindle and other similar marketplace.

There you will find a market ready to buy into your writing.

Final Words…

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