How To Become An Instagram Influencer

How To Become An Instagram Influencer

Do you know that there are Instagram influencers that are worth millions of dollars?

Unbelievable right?

That’s what you’ll think until you know that brands are spending tons of money on influencer marketing.

You are probably wondering how they are doing it and how you can do it too?

That’s not going to be a problem, take an easy route by schooling yourself with this Free Online Entrepreneur course.

Now, the question is do you think you have a level of influence on Instagram? If not, then it’s time to turn it to a hustle and get a share of the pie.

If you are expecting to read a step by step guide, this is not going to be one. Instead we’ll show you what it takes to be an Instagram influencer.

If interested just read ahead.

What Are You Passionate About?

Try to list out what your passions are and whatever tops the list should be the niche you should choose. This niche if driven by passion will definitely suit your personality.

Don’t join a bandwagon base on assumptions. Do things that makes you tick. If you are a foodie, you should build a niche around food. Or you can’t stand a day without talking about fashion, you know what your niche should be.

Your Bio Should Strike a Cord

Your bio should do the talking even before you utter a word. It should carry enough weight to catch people’s attention. Let it engage them even before they meet you.

Know that your followers and brand will be interested in your bio before any other thing. Let your bio do the convincing of what you stand for. If you can’t hire someone to write a compelling and creative bio for you.

Pictures Aren’t Enough

You are not an influencer if all you share are pictures. If you must share only pictures, let there be captions that carries interesting stories. Use the captions to convey a story.

This is not to say you should share cocky stories, make sure it’s genuine as it will be seen through. Let it be your own personal stories in a way that they people can relate with and they find challenging, motivating or inspiring.

Be Consistent With Your Content

One way to get this done easily is to see Instagram influencing as a full time job. This means that you wake up it and you are in constant rush to deliver quality. If you don’t, your followers will move to someone else.

You can come up with a posting schedule which must be based on a research and metrics. Ensure that the schedule is also something that you can stick to all year round. Make it a moment that your followers look forward to.

A Business Account To Show You Are Serious

No one will take you seriously if you are operating from a regular Instagram account. Switch to a business account immediately you make the decision to up your Instagram influencing game.

Why is this so? With an Instagram business account, you will have at your fingertips, the right insight to be a better Instagram influencer. In essence, the best period to engage your followers.

Final Words…

This could actually be easier if you are thoroughly grounded in the knowledge of being an online entrepreneur, get the needed resources from Wifi Entrepreneur.

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