How To Earn Money By Writing Blogs

Do you have a blog and you want to earn money from it?

Your answer would probably be “YES”.

Everyone wants to earn money from his blog by monetizing it. Hence, they use different methods to earn money.

Some people place ads from different services like Google AdSense while some people go for affiliate marketing.

The earning through ads is very low as compared to the earnings from a successful sale in affiliate marketing.

There are dozens of affiliate programs through which you can earn a handsome amount of money by writing blogs.

But you need to learn how to do affiliate marketing and earn money by writing blogs.

Therefore, we are going to discuss how you can earn from affiliate marketing and make money online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very popular method through which you can monetize your blog.

In this earning method, you will have to promote third-party products on your blog.

After any successful sale, you will earn a commission from the merchant/supplier.

It is an easy way to monetize your blog without having any product and shipment services.

The commission of the product depends on the type of product that you have promoted and the affiliate marketing program.

There is no investment required in affiliate marketing.

If you have a blog, then you can write reviews on third-party products and promote them.

Most of the affiliate programs are free while some have a very little amount of registration fees attached to the program.

You can work in your free time and make money online.

You can also make money while sleeping.

Further, you do not require having your own product.

You can promote the third-party products and the shipping and delivery is the responsibility of that company.

All these things seem simple, but you need hard work and time to earn money by writing blogs.

You need to learn all those tactics that are useful to make money online.

How to succeed in Affiliate Marketing?

Earning through affiliate marketing is not a one-night thing.

You will have to work hard on the promotion of the product.

Here are some tips through which you can earn money by writing blogs on affiliate products.

1) Select a Niche

Selection of a niche is necessary to help you work in a specific direction.

Your niche tells your visitors which kind of products and reviews are available on the blog.

Working on various products without selecting a niche will not give you success.

Your visitors will be confused after seeing random products and reviews.

You can select any one niche you like such as health, home appliances, education, books, automobiles, etc.

For example, you have selected a health niche, then your visitors will get an idea that you review and write posts about health-related products.

They will come back if they need anything related to your niche.

So, niche binds the visitors with your blog.

Selecting a particular niche increases your chances to earn money by writing blogs.

2) Searching for Keywords

After selecting a niche, you need to search the keywords that can rank on the search engines related to that niche.

For this, you will have to use a keyword research tool.

Use this keyword search tool to pick some keywords related to your niche.


Keyword researching is very important to drive traffic from the search engines.

You can only make money online if your article is ranked on search engines.

3) Engaging and Honest Blog Post

The most important thing is the blog post.

Because the visitor will decide through it whether he wants to buy the product or not.

He is here to know about the product and make the right decision.

You can engage him by providing the real and honest review.

If you have written blog post with honesty, then your visitor will surely like your review, and he will come to read and buy again and again.

It builds trust among the visitors and helps you to make money online.

To write an engaging post you can add your experience of using the product.

There should be some illustrating pictures and videos to help the reader.

Further, you can also include some frequently asked questions in the post to remove any confusion from the readers.

The purpose of your blog should be to help people because people don’t like over-promotion.

You won’t get any successful sale through over-promotion, so be in the limit.

4) Driving Traffic

Driving traffic is very important for affiliate marketing.

You will only earn money if there is a successful sale.

Not all visitors buy the product, only a few get impressed with the product and buy it.

Therefore, you need a good amount of traffic on your blog to earn big money via affiliate marketing.

The traffic of the website can be increased with the help of SEO techniques and Social Media sharing.

The SEO techniques are very helpful to rank the article on the search engine.

You can use social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to drive traffic on your blog.

Further, you can also create paid ads campaigns and target a specific audience that is likely to buy the product.


We have shared an overview to earn money by writing blogs.

It is not very simple, and you need to learn it in order to be successful.

Many people try to earn through affiliate marketing, but they fail due to lack of knowledge and patience.

With affiliate marketing, professionals are earning millions and you can also make money online.

All you need to do is to learn it first, before doing anything that may cause you to lose your time or money

Affiliate marketing does not require any investment and you can also do it as a beginner.

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