High Ticket Siphon Review

High Ticket Siphon Review – Is It A Scam

Back with another review. This time it’s High Ticket Siphon. In this High Ticket Siphon Review find out everything you need to know before you make that purchase.

One of the most daunting experiences in any online business is generating traffic to your product or service. We all have been there and it’s the hardest road I’ve traveled on my online journey as a digital entrepreneur. 

High Ticket Siphon Review

High Ticket Siphon Review

High Ticket Siphon is one of the many traffic generating systems that promise to deliver high-quality traffic to your business so you can make tons of money off it. 

But, beware. 

They create software, that often doesn’t work very well. Because one, generating real and quality leads is not easy, it’s pretty hard, and two, it’s not just about traffic that generates you leads. 

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In a cartoon-style 3-minute sales video they tell you how you can legally hijack millions of views with just a push of a button. All that traffic is going to show up on these high ticket profits and generate you $1000 in sales. That’s about it. 

High Ticket Siphon Price 

High Ticket Siphon is a pretty cheap product. At the time of this review, it’s just $12.93 which they show you as a discounted price on the original $197.  

The question is, in this time and age, do you think a mere $13 product can generate you millions of views and drive massive sales? Just think about it. 

Pros and Cons of High Ticket Siphon

1. The back office is broken in a lot of instances. Their claim of generating 200,000 to 1,000,000+ visitors instantly and turning that free traffic into high ticket commissions is nowhere to be found in the back office. This is very absurd, in my opinion. 

2. There is no software out there that siphons traffic for free without you having to do any stuff. The technology is just not here yet. But these claims are very misleading, to begin with. It’s only possible when you put in a lot of effort and sometimes a lot of money as well.

3. The high ticket commissions that they talk about are sending people to webinars where they sell $1,000 worth of products. Some people might buy it many won’t. Again, a lot of the links to these high ticket commissions are just missing in the back office. They don’t work.

4. Even if you invest in this product which is super cheap they offer you 4 upsells. The first upsell talks about traffic again. It’s so strange to talk about traffic when the base of the product is all about traffic in the first place. So are you selling me traffic and then an upsell on the same thing again? Why even buy that? Isn’t that putting a question mark on the product itself? 

Should you buy the High Ticket Siphon Program? 

In my opinion, NO! For me, if they don’t deliver what they are claiming on the sales page, there is no point in spending money on a spammy product. Products like these do deliver the basics stuff but they hardly ever come close to the big claims they make to just lure you into buying their product and its confusing but outrageously expensive upsells. Not recommended. 

Even for $13, they are not delivering any traffic at all. You won’t be getting what you are being promised. Which leaves you wondering, what was it really about in the first place? 

So, their three claims:

  1. Unlimited traffic: false
  2. Beginner-friendly: not exactly
  3. Huge Commissions: a huge question mark

Generally speaking, the customer service for products like these is pretty bad. You can go through a lot to get refunds. Just be very careful there. Warrior+Plus doesn’t have terrible products but a lot of them aren’t that good. 

Is High Ticket Siphon Legit or Spam? 

I’d say save your $13 as you won’t get any value for that money. At least not what they are claiming to give you. So, if you are looking for traffic, try investing your time and money in a product that has proven to work for people. And not a product that just makes big fat claims and right when you enter the back office you realize what a mess it was. Everything looks legit on the outlook but on the inside it is BS. 

I would give them 1/5 stars. I know it’s not that simple to sell high-ticket products, I wish it were. But for now, you can’t purchase a button worth $13 and make thousands of dollars back. Sorry. You will need to invest more than just that and in something quality. You will have to learn things on your own and put in a lot of effort and hard work. It might take you time but once you are done, it’s totally worth it.

These skills are legit. You can totally make $10,000 to $20,000 per month. That’s more money than many people will ever make but for that, the road is not that simple. The good news is that when you are ready to invest in the right program, learn some skills, put in your fair share of efforts, it will work out. 

Until then, don’t believe in such claims. Unfortunately, the $13 buttons don’t work at all, at least not as of now. Imagine if such things existed who would be poor on this planet. All these guys are doing is taking advantage of all the people out there who want to get all of it very easily. 

I hope this High Ticket Siphon Review was useful to you. It is possible to make money online. Just be willing to put in the hard work in order to build that type of income. The right direction is super important. Sadly, a lot of content out there will only confuse or frustrate you.

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