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7 Tips to Network Marketing Advertising for Prospects and Customers

Network marketing has proven to be a good option for most entrepreneurs. Although network marketing is a good business model for new entrepreneurs to make a secondary income, most people still complain about network marketing not being profitable enough.

Any good network marketing training will tell you that you have to be seen in order to make money in network marketing.

How do you get seen?


We’ll give you details on where you can find more network marketing training to help grow your network marketing business later, but for now, let’s focus on advertising your network marketing business.

Network marketing advertising is very easy and lucrative once you know how to do it well. As a network marketing business owner, your goal is to attract prospective customers to your network marketing products, while also prospecting people to join your network marketing business.

Once you get the proper attention to your network marketing business. You then need to deploy a proven network marketing strategy to build a progressive relationship with that prospect, so they find value in joining your network marketing opportunity.

But first, you have to get the attention.

Below, we’ve highlighted some network marketing tips on network marketing advertising opportunities that can help you gain more ground over your competitors.

Important Tips on Network Marketing Advertising

1. Observe Your Competition

    There’s a saying that “whatever you are doing, there’s a hundred other people doing it too”. Did we just make that up?

    Well, in network marketing, there is always competition.

    This should not alarm you, but make you determined. This proves that the network marketing industry is growing, and you want to be a part of a growing industry when making money online.

    Observe your competition and how they push their craft. Look at their advertisements for how they place them and where they post them. Most people don’t continue to run ads that don’t work, so look for ads that have run the longest as your baseline.

    This will help you in creating your own advertisement ideas using theirs as an example of what’s currently working.

    Another way of pushing your ad, which may be quite controversial, would be to create an ad that opposes your biggest competitor’s ideology.

    Spying on your competitors is now easier than ever.

    We recommend using an online tool that helps you identify all the above as well as keywords, backlinks, and competitors most valuable content. You can find this great tool inside our free online training center.

    2. Choose the Right Advertising Platform

      Some of the best network marketing strategies involve knowing the best advertising platforms to use to market your network marketing business.

      There are some platforms that will yield you little or no traffic, while some give you more than enough to maintain steady income growth.

      Another form of network marketing advertising would be through the use of email and social media. These two platforms that cost nothing for you to use has one of the highest returns on investment in the industry.

      Email marketing can be tricky, especially if you don’t have access to an email list, but social media marketing is as easy as can be. For more information on email marketing, check out our article on 3 effective email marketing strategies.

      Weigh your options and choose the best platform for you.

      3. Use Catchy Headlines

        The headline of your ad is the first thing your prospect will see. You have to throw all your cards in one basket for this one.

        In marketing, the trend is that people are looking to buy things as cheaply as possible. So, using words like ‘free’, ‘off’ (as in ‘30% off’), ‘discount’, ‘no charge’, ‘free shipping’, could get you the attention you need.

        Asides these easy words, you can come up with other words on your own. Look at your category and what you’re offering and think up a headline that would serve the right purpose.

        4. Keep Your AD Short and Precise

          After the big headline, nobody wants to read a whole epistle. Reel it in! ‘

          You’ve gotten the necessary attention, but how do you fully convince them to buy or join? Keep it simple and informative.

          What are you offering?

          People want to see the details of your offer in your ad. Ensure that it matches your headline otherwise people would lose interest.

          A quick word of advice would be to not to give out all the details in the ad. Create a build-up and refer them to your sales funnel to finish the process. This way, they get to see all that you have to offer.

          To help you come up with the best use of the words in your AD, we suggest using a new AI tool to automate your copywriting. You can find this great tool inside our members area.

          5. Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

            The key to effective advertising is giving people a reason not to move past your offer.

            In advertising, you are making an offer. How do they benefit from going to your funnel?

            Why should they choose you over your competition?

            A small piece of advice would be to think of the advantage that comes with your offer and highlight it.

            Another word of advice from network marketing experts is to find a way to use human emotions to your advantage. Your advertisement could be in the form of encouraging their dreams like “Now you can acquire that mattress you always dreamt of” or it could be in the form of building a common enemy with them like “say no to ridiculously high real estate charges today”. Whatever you choose to go with, make sure it’s an offer they can’t refuse.

            6. Use the Right Words

              Words are the best network marketing tools available. If you plan on building a relationship with your perspective clients, you have to start from the words in your advertisement.

              When looking for the right words, the first thing you should cancel out are ambiguous words. You want them to see and understand what you’re saying.

              Once this is all sorted out, look for catchy phrases that would leave them wanting for more. Also, make use of keywords that would help your ad pop up in search engine results. This means you have to put your ads in place with some search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

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              7. Post your Ads in Multiple Categories

                If you want to be the next network marketing success story, you can not win the network marketing advertising game by putting all your fish in one basket. You have to explore all available options which means you have to post in different ad sections.

                It may be quite oblique to see an ad saying “need a premium wig?” in a real estate section. However, It is very possible to advertise in unrelated categories, if you have the right advertising strategy.

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                Advertising Your Network Marketing Business Conclusion

                Advertising is the fastest way to get you and your network marketing business seen and heard. If you are ready to be a network marketer, you have to be ready to do some work.

                The rich in network marketing never made their fortunes by doing nothing.

                The right network marketing company can make you that fortune, you just need to strategize and advertise.

                Lucky for you there are platforms ready to offer you free information of network marketing strategies that work.

                One trusted site would be where you can get more network marketing tips to become a successful network marketer. You can join the WiFi Entrepreneur community for free and start using their available network marketing tools to your advantage.

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