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The Best SEO Keyword Research Tool – A Jaaxy Review

Doing keyword research is extremely important for your SEO optimization. And SEO optimization for your blog or websites can make the difference between success and failure in the modern algorithm-depending digital world. Quality keyword research can help our rank properly on search engines – otherwise, you are going to spend months on a project that will never take off.

There are tons of keyword research tools out there – using all of them is pointless, you need to find out what works better and make good use of it. We did part of the job for you and found the best SEO keyword research tool for you. It’s called Jaaxy. Read on to find out why we think it’s the best.



Jaaxy is a tool – which includes a free plan – that can show you unique long-tail keywords to boost your business. Other than that it provides some more useful information:

  • Keywords. Jaaxy gives you examples of long-tail keywords that are similar to the keyword you put in.
  • AVG. Avg metric is the average number of searches made per month for that keyword.
  • Traffic. It’s how many estimated visitors you’ll get if you rank at the first position on page 1.

  • QSR. QSR is how many other websites are ranking in Google for this exact keyword. This is where Jaaxy is different from other tools. This information can be very useful: it gives you an estimate of how thick your competition might be.
  • KQI. It stands for “keyword quality indicator” – red means bad, yellow means fine, green means good.
  • SEO. The SEO score is a measure of how difficult is to rank for a certain keyword. Jaaxy does this in the opposite direction of most of the other keyword tools. 100 is easy and 1 is hard for Jaaxy, while with every other tool it’s the other way round.

Competitive Research Tool

Jaaxy also offers a tool that helps you find out a website’s keyword. Basically, if you type a specific URL, Jaaxy can give you a list of keywords that the URL is ranking for.

If you want to get long-tail keywords with high buying content, Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup can help you with this. Putting in a keyword, it shows you long-tails keywords with buying content that are related to it.


Search Analysis

Jaaxy also has a feature called Search Analysis that works as a SERP explorer. It can give you some useful information. For example, if you put in a keyword, you can find out the word count of articles already ranking on page 1 that uses that keyword.

You can also get information about internal links and backlinks so that you can make an idea of how easy or difficult it will be for you to rank properly writing an article about that specific topic.

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Site Rank

This is a super useful tool that Jaaxy offers. Site Rank allows you to put in a site’s URL and a keyword, and it will provide information about how the site has fared in the rankings in the past. You’ll be able to look at the past week, month, or all time.

Jaaxy can provide any digital entrepreneur with super interesting and useful features. Try Jaaxy for free inside our online training center.

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