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How to Build A Sales Funnel

Now more than ever, the best way to make money on the internet is by using a sales funnel to grow online or offline business. If you are looking for long term success online. You will definitely want to know how to build a sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

In simple terms, a sales funnel is the path website visitors take on the way to buying your products or services. If you build an effective sales funnel, you can have an influence over how many people reach the bottom of your funnel (and buy your products).

A sales funnel consists of four stages that represent your target customers’ mindset. Each stage requires a different approach from the marketer: you must avoid sending the wrong message at the wrong time.

Let’s look at each stage in the sales funnel in more detail:

Awareness: This is the moment in which you catch a customer’s attention. It can be a tweet, a Google search, or a post on social media. This is when the user becomes aware of your business and what you have to offer.

Interest: When customers reach the interest stage in the sales funnel, they’re doing research, comparison shopping, and thinking over their options. This is where you want to help your customers make an informed decision—you tell them what you do and how you do it better than others, but you are not selling to them.

Decision: This is when the customer is ready to buy, and you need to make your best offer. It could be free shipping, a discount code, or a bonus product.

Action: At the bottom of the sales funnel, the customer buys your product or service. Still, your work isn’t over: you need to make your customers want to buy more and more. Express gratitude for the purchase, make yourself available for support, etc.

How to Build a Sales Funnel?

Now it’s time to build your own sales funnel. ClickFunnels can offer you amazing tools to help you in the process. Visit their website, and learn below the best tips on how to build the most effective sales funnel.

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      1. Analyze your audience’s behavior: The more you know about your audience, the more effective your sales funnel becomes. Monitor your website activity and figure out how people engage with it. Where do they click? How much time do they spend on each page? And more…
      2. Capture your audience’s attention: Post your content across all of your available platforms. Diversify your content: make videos, share photos, and write articles. If you have a little budget available, run a few ads. This way, you’re making people aware of your products and services.
      3. Build a landing page: Your content and ads need to take visitors somewhere, and you want to direct them to a landing page with your offer. See how to create a landing page in our dedicated article. At this stage, focus on capturing leads more than pushing sales. The landing page should steer the visitors toward the next step of the sales funnel.
      4. At the end of your campaign, make an incredible offer. This is what may convince your potential customers to act and buy your products. And, once you complete the sale, don’t forget to continue reaching out to your customers: thank them for their purchase, send additional coupon codes, and more. They bought from you once, so make sure they’ll buy from you in the future.

Want more?

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