30 days success formula

30 Day Success Formula Review: Scam or Does It Really Works?

In recent months, a series of new products have been launched in the “Make Money” niche on the Clickbank platform.

You are likely reading this because you may have heard of the 30-day success formula and thinking if this is really legitimate or not.

30 day Success Formula Review

What Is 30 Days Success Formula About?

 The 30-day success formula is an affiliate marketing program in which you can participate to earn extra money with the opportunity it contains. There have been some contradictory statements that it is an MLM company, but in reality, the business model is an affiliate program model with only two levels of commission.

 The niche that I would call a 30-day success formula is the niche of the direct mail business. The main concept is to advertise this program by direct mail with a sales letter that tells people to call a number that a person answers to complete their sale for you.

As soon as this person wants to join, he must send 3 separate letters containing a certain amount of money to his top 2 lines and a letter with the money. As soon as the three letters are sent and processed, the new member has access to their products and the opportunity to earn money with the program.

 Basically, this is what you get for your membership:

  •  Digital marketing courses (8 modules that offer online marketing classes)
  •  Travel and hotel discounts.
  •  A secured credit card that you can use to improve your creditworthiness (additional cost)
  •  A reservation manager for hotel stays
  •  E-commerce website (surcharge)
  •  Still, they offer the digital course for sale for $ 697.

 There are a total of 6 levels where you can join the opportunity and earn money, which includes:

 Level 1: to participate in this level, it will cost you $ 89.

 Level 2: to participate in this level, it will cost you $ 250.

 Level 3: to participate in this level, it will cost you $ 1000.

 Level 4: to participate in this level, it will cost you $ 2500.

 Level 5: to participate in this level, it will cost you $ 5000.

 Level 6: to participate in this level, it will cost you $ 12,500.

 Is a 30 day success formula a scam?

 If you ask a member of the 30-day success formula if it is a scam, you will be informed that it is not a scam because they are selling you a legitimate product.  In a way, they’re right.

 Since the 30-day success formula offers you a “product” when you join, you can technically say that “new members join because they want the product … not because payments are promised for the registration of other members in the  Program”.

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Final 30 day success formula review thoughts

 We’ve done a thorough research and review information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan. At this point, you should have a clear idea of ​​what it is, how it works, what it offers and how you can earn money with it. Don’t forget to sign up for our members’ area for more training and opportunities. 

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