How to start a podcast business

How to Start a Podcast Business

Running a podcast basically consists of uploading audio content online. There are all sorts of podcasts available online, some provide entertainment, some news, other information on whatever topic. Once you have found your niche you can start a podcast about any topic. The ways you can monetize your podcast and earn money out of it are basically two: the first is via advertisement; the second is by asking the listeners to pay to access bonus content.

Starting a podcast business can be a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun. It can be an extremely remunerative activity. Let’s see where to start to create your new podcast business.

1. Figuring things out

Before starting any business, there are some questions that you should ask yourself. It’s a way of understanding what kind of audience you are going to target, and what type of content you are going to provide them

What topic will you cover? 

Basically, you have to identify our niche. Avoid choosing wide topics, like “health”, but try to identify a narrower niche, for example, “clean eating”. Once that you have a precise idea of what your podcast is going to be about, identifying your target audience will be a lot easier.

Who is your podcast for? 

Now that you know what your podcast will be about, you can easily identify your target audience. Now you can try to understand your potential listeners, what they like, what are their needs, how can you answer their needs.

What is the goal of your podcast? 

You may want to create a podcast to compliment an existing business that you are already running. Or, maybe, you aim to make your podcast your main activity. Whatever is your goal, keep it in mind in every decision you make.

2. Name your Podcast

The name of your podcast will be the name of your show, it must be descriptive and attractive at the same. If your podcast is complementary to another business of yours, you should maintain your brand. 

3. Decide your show length, frequency, and format


Most podcast experts would advise you to keep your show length between 20 to 45 minutes.


Some podcast posts daily, some others post weekly. You can even post monthly if your content is valuable and detailed.


There are a lot of decisions to make here: how many people will be talking during your shows? There will be different sections – like Q&A? You should decide these things before you even start your business, but some ideas would come while you are already running your podcast and it will be ok to make changes, upload your content and propose new things to the audience.

How to start a podcast business

4. Create a website for your podcast

People need to actually go somewhere to listen to your podcast. Building your own website will be the best choice. You’ll be able to choose the graphics you want and also show advertisements that will allow you to earn money. Plus, when you own your website, you can implement there all the elements that are useful for marketing and income: subscriptions, selling digital products, share affiliate links, and more.

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