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What Are the Best Affiliate Marketing Niches I Should Try in 2021?

One of the struggles that an affiliate marketer experiences is finding the right niche to blog about. As an affiliate marketer develops a portfolio of affiliate websites, they want to make sure all of their websites are profitable.

What they are looking for are the best affiliate marketing niches.

So how do you choose the right affiliate marketing niche? And with trends constantly changing. What do you, as an affiliate marketer, need to know about the best online niches.

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We have done the research for you and found the best online niches for you to work with.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

We have selected the best affiliate marketing niches for you to get into today. Pick one, two, or all of these niches for your next affiliate project and you will see the profits coming in.

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1. Golf

How’s it looking on the fairway?

Golf has become a very popular niche in the past few months. It is a very lucrative niche and is often tied in with a lucrative market: the luxury business. If you are targeting a luxury crowd, it is likely that they will have an affinity for golf.

It is estimated that the golf industry makes over $12 Billion per year. Whether you want to cater to Golf courses or golf equipment – or both – you will find an audience willing to spend money.

While golf is a competitive niche, it is certainly not oversaturated. If you have great technical knowledge of golf, this will be a plus for your affiliate website.

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2. Home Security

This is a great niche that often gets overlooked. But we reckon that there will always be a market for home security.

People will always want to make sure their homes and their property are secure. 

Many products that are sold in this niche can be pricey. But because they make us feel more secure, consumers are willing to shell out the dollars that are needed.

Home security will include CCTV cameras and hidden cameras in your home. There are also alarm systems. And let’s not forget about locks for making sure burglars cannot open doors or break into cupboards.

There are a plethora of products in this niche waiting for you to promote them!

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3. Online Dating

Dating online continues to grow as an industry. There is an endless number of dating websites and dating apps available. And we are certain that there will be more to come.

With the online dating niche, you can promote an app that targets the hookup crowd. Or one that is for more serious daters. There are ones that are women-centric and are vetted to be safer for the female population.

Then there are dating platforms targeted toward cultures, races, religions and interest groups. This could be tied along with personal development as improving oneself is a key to becoming more successful in the dating game.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the online dating niche.

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4. Travel

Travel will likely always be a profitable niche. Even in times of strife when traveling slows down significantly, human beings are now more mobile than ever and will want to travel whenever they can.

When it comes to the travel niche, there are so many audiences whom you can target. You can target budget travelers who want to see the world without breaking the bank – think marketing cheap hotels and cheap flights.

Or you can target the luxury traveler and market five-star hotels and luxury flight experiences to them.

And let’s not forget about digital nomads. These are remote workers who are location independent and hop from one country to the next. You can target travel backpacks catered to digital nomads. You can promote AirBnBs and other similar accommodations to them. 

For those who want to see the world, there’s bound to be something on your affiliate website that interests them.

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5. Gaming

Gaming is a huge industry. Even if you are not a keen gamer, we highly encourage you to check out gaming as a profitable niche.

You can target the online gaming crowd. You can also target folks who gamble online – through online casino games such as poker or even online slots. 

And for those who still prefer playing games through a console, you can always market the latest edition of the PlayStation or the Xbox and market the games to them directly.

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6. Financial

This is another competitive niche. But we assure you, it is not oversaturated and we cannot recommend it enough.

The financial niche is as diverse as can be: one can use this niche for financial education, for promoting financial courses, or for showing an audience how to build an income.

There are also newer avenues in this niche such as cryptocurrency.

There will likely continue to be a plethora of affiliate programs in the financial niche. Whether you are a seasoned affiliate marketer or a newbie, this is a niche that you should look into.

People are looking to build a lucrative income (just as you are) and the best affiliate financial website will help spread knowledge on how to build an income.

7. Fitness

This is a great niche and we are willing to bet it will continue to be a profitable niche. We are becoming more conscious about our health and therefore, the fitness industry continues to grow.

Whether you want to sell gym memberships, fitness courses, workout equipment, clothing, or supplements, there are many avenues to make money through the fitness niche.

This is also another great niche that is easy to jump into. It works for the expert affiliate marketer as well as someone just getting into this business.

8. CBD

Finally, we are seeing increased legalization and acceptance of CBD products. Whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, we are likely to see greater emergence of CBD Oil and other similar products.

==> Think Starting a CBD Business is a Good Idea? Read this first!

Now is the time to jump into this niche. While it is gaining traction, it is still an underused niche which is exactly why you want to get in before it gets over saturated.

As this is a newer topic of interest, make sure you do your research on the different CBD products available. This will help you determine what products to market and how to market them.

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Build Profits

Now that you know the best affiliate marketing niches, you are ready to increase your portfolio and build profits.

Be sure to follow us for more great content on the best online niches, and for additional ways to make money online.

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