IBuumerang Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?

This post is an iBuumerang review. You might be looking at this company wondering what it’s all about. We’re gonna get into that and see if iBuumerang is a scam or legit and much more.

What is iBuumerang?

iBuumerang is a new travel MLM. It was launched in March of 2018. Before it was launched, it was called Countdown for Freedom.

Who is the Chairman, Founder, and CEO?

Holton Buggs. is the chairman, founder, and CEO of iBuumerang. He has been in a lot of network marketing companies and he’s with YTV organic goals top distributor. Buggs. been in the industry for 28 years, and like everyone else, he started out making much money but in the last 10 years. He’s built an organization of over 3 million distributors and has generated over 3 billion in sales. This guy really knows what he’s doing. 

The Website

They have a really good looking website. It’s got the igo, which is a travel saving free website.  

There are several other people with the company as mentioned in their website.

How does iBuumerang earn with traveling?

Travel is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. So obviously there’s a lot of money to be made but iBuumerang has their travel savings ambassadors. You become an affiliate with them. You only get paid after you share a free website with customers and the customer also books travel. 

When the customer books on their free site, they get paid 50% and the rest of 50% is savings and the TSA. The other 50% of the savings are sent back as cash as part of the compensation plan. 

What does it cost to join iBuumerang?

There are four different levels of becoming an affiliate. 

  1. Standby Affiliate – $49.95/mo – can give out 5 free travel sites
  2. Coach Class Affiliate – $250 + $49.95/mo – can give out 10 free travel sites
  3. Business Class Affiliate – $500 + $99/mo – can give out 25 free travel sites
  4. First Class Affiliate – $1000 + $99/mo – can give out 50 free travel sites 

Compensation Plans

This table shows you how you can earn on each level. 

The customer is going to have their own site. Savings are pretty substantial. If you go to their site here, you’ll see that they do have really good savings over Xperia and some of the other major sites.


You can’t just post your link on Facebook for travel and expect people to want a free site or to join you. You have to build a relationship and establish trust before you do that. 

You need to find the right people who are interested in savings and then target them with this program. Or find people who like to travel and have the time to do so.

You will run out of family and friends quickly if you are only planning on promoting it to them only. 

In order to make a large income, you need a lot of people booking travel or becoming TSAS.

You need to put yourself in front of people who want to start a travel business. Only then are you going to make a significant income through this program. 

Some Marketing Ideas

Get a themed Youtube channel based around travel and the opportunity to make money while traveling.

Another idea is free Facebook marketing. Yes, there are ways out, you just need to tap into the right tricks.

You can even build an email list of people who are actually looking to start a travel business.

Or build an email list of people interested in travel discounts.

Keyword ideas for finding people interested in travel are:

  • How to start a travel business at home
  • Cost to travel to [place]

You can use Chrome extensions like Keywords Everywhere to find keywords on every search you make on Chrome or Youtube.

I hope this iBuumerang review was helpful for you. iBuumerang is definitely not a scam and you can make passive income via the system and its compensation plan. It is a new company but it looks totally legit. 

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