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How To Start A Business Online: Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Ready to learn how to start a business online?

In this video, we discuss creating a content marketing strategy using YouTube and WordPress. Two free platforms that allow you to share your passion with the world for free.

Each video in this how to start a business online series acts as an affiliate marketing guide for beginners and experts alike. If you’re looking to grow your business online, check out this video on Creating a Content Marketing Strategy, but be sure to watch the rest of the videos in this how to series when you can.

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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

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Video Transcript

What’s going on guys? This is Tre’ Mathis here,

So glad you guys landed on my page here today. I wanted to shoot this quick video, because shot a video earlier, talking about content, and needing to create a lot of video content. I wanted to show you that, content like this, that you share online are very promotional ways to continue to share your message.

One of the biggest things that I get all the time is, when you have these YouTube channels, and put a couple videos up, you don’t think you’re connecting with your audience, and so on, and so forth, but you’d be surprised how much of an algorithm is involved in even YouTube.

I’m sure you guys are familiar with the algorithm that’s involved in Facebook, and Instagram. If not, I’ll shoot a video about that later, but YouTube also has an algorithm in which, they don’t want to just give away their content, their platform, rather, which just any old content of people who may not survive, or stick around.

So, they want to see you consistently posting, building a brand, and when you’re building a brand, you’re gonna build return visitors to your YouTube, and by having those return visitors to your YouTube, you’re basically helping YouTube produce more visitors of course, or click throughs, more views on their videos in general. So, they want to see you actually do some work.

The algorithm for YouTube, is actually very similar to our WordPress algorithm, which we know is two videos a week, or two posts a week in WordPress, regular blogging, two posts a week, and YouTube videos, two videos a week.

So, you want to find a way to one, post new content, consistently post new content, because content is key. If you want to make it on YouTube, you want to find a way to post at least two YouTube videos a week, to your platform.

The biggest thing when it comes to that is, staying motivated to actually post the videos. You start out with a great idea, and you say,”Yeah, I’m gonna do it”, but then you lose momentum. I’m a victim of that. I’ve lost momentum here and there, but you gotta pick it back up when you lose it.

So, also another good thing to consider is, creating content in advance. I like to post day to day, and with that day to day, I tell you guys what day it is, so when I hold content, it doesn’t necessarily always translate, or is received as well, I believe, but I could be wrong. You guys tell me in the comments. But, being able to still maintain the consistency of a daily content, but also have the discipline and patience to allow it to grow.

So, it’s always good to create a database of great content that can be used later, so when you have the opportunity, you can record a couple videos, and then later on, post those videos to your channel, so, your channel remains active.

I think it’s time to have a little fun out here. I hope you guys enjoyed this bit of information, motivation to continue to post on the social platforms consistently. Don’t fret if you’re not getting the return that you guys think you deserve right away, which is fine. You may deserve more. It’s fair, but just be patient. When you get a good tribe of people coming to your website, and watching your material, you’ll be surprised that they’ll go back and watch some of the original content, and they’ll catch up where they left off.

So, until we talk again, guys, you guys know anyone that would like to start a business online, please have them stop on by our page. Until we talk again, take care, and be blessed.

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