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How To Start A Business Online: The Power of Habit

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In this video, we discuss The Power of Habit with Tre’ Mathis from

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Video Transcript

What’s going on guys. It’s Tre’ Mathis here Today is January 10, 2019. I’m here in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and this is the WiFi journal.

I wanted to quickly put together this video for a few reasons.Mainly, because I don’t think that I put together a video yet for 2019.You see, I’m trying to fix the camera a little bit. I don’t think I put together a video in 2019 as of yet.

But, if I haven’t, then Happy New Year to each and every one of you guys out there. Thank you so much for following the page. Thank you so much for showing support, just by viewing it, liking it,sharing with your friends.

Really appreciate it.

Really excited about 2019. Just as excited as I was about 2018. A lot of great momentum has already started to take place. I wanted to throw this video together, because my wife and I, we were readingThe Power of Habit. Imagine a few guys have read that book. If you haven’t, I’ll make sure I throw a link to that … to a place where you can pick that up on Audible. My wife and I on the way up here toMartha’s Vineyard, we were listening to the Power of Habit. One of the things that they were talking about was how to not only break abad habit, but put in place a workable good habit.

I was listening to that book, and just really started to inspire me to formulate a habit that would allow me to put together videos on amore consistent basis, so that I’m getting my message out there, so that I’m staying consistent, so that I’m find a way to discipline myself in order to accomplish that. Even though that this video tome seems sort of rushed, slightly sort of rushed, because it’s the first day after reading the book, I identified what my trigger was going to be. I know what my routine is going to be, which is talking to you guys. Thank you for being and participating. Then, I know what my reward is.

That’s what the Power of Habit really talks about, when it talksabout training a new habit. We usually follow a trigger, somethingthat causes us to respond, and then a routine that we follow once wehave that trigger. Then, the reward, once we follow said routine weget a reward that makes us want to continue that habit, long term.

What I believe my routine’s going to be, I know what my trigger is, I know what my routine is going to be communicating with you guys. My reward would be if you guys were to like this video, share this video with your friends and family, or share it with anyone you know that are looking to earn income online. Things like this,conversations about The Power of Habit, links so that you can access this great information right away is really what WiFiEntrepreneurs’ all about. Sharing with you small pieces, each and every day that can help you grow your business in 2019, and definitely on into the future.

With that being said, I’m going to leave this video here. It’s sort of short. Please forgive me. But at the same time, Happy New Year. If this is our first video in which we connect, I’m not posting all videos online. However, I’m shooting a lot of videos, because I want to make sure that we are able to have enough content to share with you guys on a consistent basis. Relevant content that makes you want to come back. So, if you know anyone that are looking to start a business online, please share our information with them,

I’ll put a link below. We have over one million entrepreneurs, online entrepreneur community that we would love that … if you were able to join us. Bounce some ideas,get your questions answered. We allow you to set up two websites of your choice, and we help you each and every step of the way in getting that website launched and profitable. If you want to turn your passion into profit, check out Talk to you soon. Peace.

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