how to get instagram followers

How To Get Followers On Instagram

There are two types of followers you can have on Instagram. The real ones that are organically built and the bots, which are fake followers.
You know the ones you need, only authentic Instagram followers counts when it come to social media marketing (SMM).

Of what purpose is a 100,000 followers where only 500 are active?

You can even lose the entire Instagram account as Instagram is always stepping up its game to weed out those who are trying to game the platform.

The focus of this article is to share with you how you can gain the following of real people who are interested in your brand.

Yes, it’s not easy to go from 0 to hundreds of thousands on Instagram, but you can actually make it happen by following these proven tips;

Put In Place A Strategy

    Instagram is too wide and deep for you to cast your net without a plan in place.

    You have to be sure of why you need more followers.

    It could be for more traffic, boosting of sales or increasing brand popularity.

    Just ensure there’s a strategy in place.

    Your Bio and Profile Should Show Class

      With a well-crafted and thoughtful profile, you are miles closer to gaining real followers on a daily basis.

      The profile should be irresistible for any new visitor. This ensures they will quickly click the follow button.

      Take The Quest To Other Social Networks

        Whoever has an account on Instagram is likely to have atleast one other social media account.

        Skillfully bait them from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to your Instagram profile.

        Never Fail To Let People Know You are on Instagram

          On the sign post to your business office, bill board for advert or even in newspapers, always include your Instagram handle.

          You can even do an email blast introducing your Instagram account to your subscribers.

          Be Personal and Relatable

            A simple selfie can bring you hundreds of followers than even a shoutout by an influencer.

            Show off what your business is about by sharing contents that showcase the bit and sounds behind the handle.

            Instagram Ads Really Works

              Not just for marketing of products and services, but for gaining real, engaging and active followers.

              It’s quite easy and rewarding, if you share contents that the new audience find interesting.

              Collaboration with Other Brands

                There will definitely be complimentary brands where your products and services could benefit each other.

                If such brands have a strong presence on Instagram, there’s no harm in asking them to give you a shout out.

                Give Influencer Marketing a Shot

                  Being a newbie on Instagram, you need to forge a relationship built on trust and loyalty with your target audience.

                  A perfect way to get this done is via Instagram influencer marketing. Not the one-off campaigns, year long projects.

                  Final Words..

                  Brands have a chance at achieving a lot through Instagram but having a substantial follower base is key to this success.

                  Go through the Free Online Entrepreneur course. It will give you the head start you need to get quick results from Instagram.

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