EZ Money Team Review

In this post, we are going to review the EZ Money Team. It’s a product that has been getting some attention on the internet recently. We’ll go through what it is. Is EZ Money Team scam? Or is it legit? What are they selling and whether or not you want to invest in this program? Let’s jump right in.

What is EZ Money Team?

So before we discuss any of that, if you take a look at their home page they have a video and ‘as seen on’ CNBC, ABC and Fox news on one side. 

If you take a look at the video you realize these are actually just clips taken from various videos on youtube. They do talk about work-from-home jobs but have nothing to do with the actual product. They are just using it to seem more legit.

EZ Money Team is basically just an affiliate marketing training.

Their money claims are very big. If you look at:

How could an extra $500, $1,000 or even $5,000 a week change your life?

All this makes it sound super easy to earn on the internet. 

Claims like:

She’s never been a computer whiz. Not even today.

If a person who has never sent an email before is earning so much it makes you feel it’s super easy and that you can do it too. 

They make it sound like a copy-paste task. Honestly, if it was that easy to earn money by copy and pasting don’t you think everyone out there would be doing it? 

So, the video never cares to explain what you will actually be doing to earn all of that money. I mean they are claiming to make you earn $20,000 per month. But how?

The hype on the Sales Page

It sounds like it’s really simple. You don’t have to do any work. All you have to do is copy and paste this system, you press a button and all of a sudden, you’re going to start making $500 a week or $5,000 a week. 

You can just go to the beach, drink your coconut, lie in the sand, enjoy life and all of a sudden this system is just going to suck money out of the internet ether and deposit it into your bank account. Then you can quit your job. You can travel the world, you can buy a nice, expensive luxury car and do all that great stuff.

That’s exactly what they’re talking about in this website. But! Really?

Setting up wrong expectations

Now I’m not saying that you can’t get that kind of results online because you can. But the problem is that websites like this and messages like this set up the wrong expectation. 

They say that this lady got into the system. In three months, she started making $37,000 a month. Now, that is not possible with any system. It’s impossible because if you’re brand new, you have to learn the skills in order to get to that stage. 

Can you make that kind of money with internet marketing? Yes, you can. 

But are you going to make it in your first three months? No, it’s just not possible because you’re a brand new person, you don’t know how this whole marketing thing works. 

It’s going to take you time to set up and get to that level eventually in the future. It’s possible. But it’s very, very misleading when they tell you that she couldn’t even find her email address and all of a sudden in three months she made $37,000. 

Sales Presentation 

Here’s another big problem with this whole sales presentation. This right here is a stock image. It’s a stock photo. So this person that they’re talking about is not real. That’s a big red flag.

Online marketing is real, but it’s not that simple. It’s not difficult if you have the right information and you do it properly, but it’s not as easy as they make it sound.  

EZ Money Team Price

This product here is $37. 

It’s not crazy expensive. It’s not going to break your bank account. But at the same time, are you getting what they’re talking about on the sales page for the money that you’re investing in? That’s the most important thing. 

So whether you’re spending $1,000 or $500, or $37, or $7, or even just $1, are they delivering what they’re promising on their sales page?

Can you earn that sort of money?

Now, affiliate marketing is a great business. The way it works is you find a product, you find a group of people that need that product, and you become the middle person, you recommend the product to them.

When you join these two people, and they buy via your link, you make a commission, that’s all it is. Most of the time affiliate products are digital products. That means it’s digital information that you can consume from a membership site, whether you’re trying to lose weight, whether you’re trying to get six-pack abs, whether you’re trying to make money online, whether you’re trying to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet, or whether you’re trying to teach someone how to build a garden in their backyard, it doesn’t matter. 

People have all sorts of issues and problems that they want to solve. And if you can get the solution into their hands via a product or an information product, they’re willing to pay good money for it. 

So that’s how affiliate marketing works. The problem is that training like these are so basic, like the information that you’re going to get with EZ Money Team is so shallow, that you’re never really going to create the results that they’re talking about here on the front page. 

The information that they provide on affiliate marketing is not enough.

Affiliate marketing requires a little bit of deeper knowledge in order for you to get these kinds of results. It takes a little bit longer than 2-3 months. It never happens on the click of a button. Absolutely not. You have to learn much deeper concepts. You have to really understand how to find good products, how to find great people that want those products, how to build out your system properly, and how to become a great marketer. 

Unfortunately, the EZ Money Team is not completely honest. They’re just not going deep enough for you to really understand affiliate marketing. 

They just seem to get you to the front door and provide you with not enough information on the back end. You can get this much information for free on Youtube. Even more sometimes. 

So, do I recommend it?

NO. You will need much more than this training to get the results you are running after.

Hopefully, you have been able to recognize those red flags in EZ Money Team. I hope this review was helpful and you now have a better understanding of whether the EZ Money Team is scam or legit. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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