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Blog Hosting: What’s the Best Hosting for a Blog?

Blogs are still going strong these days. Having a blog is quite fashionable and is a great way to express yourself and reach hundreds of people with all of your thoughts and feelings.

For business owners, having a blog is a great way to promote your company. It can be a way to show off the daily workings. Blogs can also be a great platform for any new products you may be getting ready to debut.

But the first step to any good online presence is finding the right way to create your blog. WordPress is common for many first time bloggers. But what’s the best hosting for a blog? Should you go with a free host site first? Or is it better to shell out some extra money in the beginning and go premiere?

Well, we have some suggestions. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more!

Start Simple: Beginner Blog Hosting

When an entrepreneur is starting out, they’re probably trying to find the most cost-effective method of getting their name out there. For bloggers, finding a cheap hosting site for their brand new pages is important.

Here’s a couple that come highly regarded.


SiteGround may be cheap but its quality is pretty exceptional. This site has been around since the early 2000s and its been growing in popularity ever since. You can pay for their services in advance-usually in 12-month brackets.

And at a base rate of $3.95/month for those services, this hosting site is great for first-time bloggers.


BlueHost is also a cheaper service great for beginners. Starting at $2.75 a month, this site will be a great starting point for a blog’s early days.

Both sites offer competitive sales and great customer service. SiteGround even has daily backups so you will never lose your blog should the worst happen.

Level Up with the Pros

Eventually you will outgrow your blog’s hosting site.

When that happens it may be time to emerge from the basic, cheaper hosting sites and try your hand at a premier account.


Our personal favorite it SiteRubix. This hosting site will work with your WordPress blog. It can host up to two pages for free. Which is great if you’re still unsure if you want to make the leap into a professional site.

SiteRubix is great for beginner website designers. There are very few technical issues you will have to deal with as the owner. It will have step-by-step directions that take you through page creation.

The Best Hosting for a Blog is Out There

Don’t fear! Starting a new blog can be overwhelming. Luckily there are some really great hosts out there to help you get started.

If you’d like to learn more about the best hosting for a blog, contact us. We have even more advice on the digital entrepreneur front, visit our blog.

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