Affiliate traffic bot review

Affiliate Traffic Bot Review: Is It Worth The Hype Or A Scam?

There are lots of questions flying on the internet in curiosity about the affiliate traffic bots. There is a lot of hype surrounding this marvelous technological creation for affiliate marketing. The truth is, the majority of everything you have heard is frankly right. With this affiliate traffic bots review, you will have all the details and answers to questions you have always had about traffic bots. 

You might be wondering what an affiliate traffic bot is all about. In a simple form, affiliate traffic bots are designed to make earning for affiliate marketers easy. Also, it is an artificial intelligence bot that draws and brings traffic to your affiliate marketing website. 

The brain behind this software is a man called Chris. His first name is all that is known about this man. Also, he only talks about the money he has made from using the bots. 

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How Affiliate Traffic Bot Works

What an affiliate bot is all about is the maintenance of your survival in the online money-making sphere. Also, its collection of tools are so much that it brings lots of traffic and money-making to your website. Follow the listed details below to know how the traffic bot works. 

1. Choose a program

You must know the essential affiliate marketing tips before you go on to get traffic bots. Once you are familiar with the basics of affiliate marketing, your path becomes more transparent. It becomes easy for you to choose a program that will make you a ton of money. Majorly, a lot of people decide to work with the affiliate marketing program advised by Chris himself. 

2. Owning a website

Next is to make sure you have a working website. You can integrate the tools from the bots into your website to start enjoying its benefits. If you don’t know how to start using these tools, you can refer to the training videos. Also, it comes with pdf files that you can read for enlightenment. 

3. Generating income

The exciting part is when you start making money with the help of the bots. Generating cash from commissions is what affiliate marketing is about. However, a traffic bot allows you to target specific consumers of your product. Also, it helps you target products that are readily marketable in the industry. All you need is to promote your product using specialized links. This is what an affiliate traffic bot is all about. 

Furthermore, you need to understand that there is still more to the story of affiliate traffic bots. You still need to read and know a lot before you start using the bots. Nevertheless, this affiliate traffic bots review will make it easier to understand.  

What to expect inside affiliate traffic bots?

The moment you unbox your traffic bots, you will have access to 37 affiliate software robots. That is about the usable number of bots available to you. Some of the affiliate traffic bots’ package are listed below;

  • Domain Aveli

The Domain Aveli is an excellent tool for searching for your niche. It also helps you find the best domain name for your niche. The quality of your keywords from the moment you start using this tool will never be compromised. 

  • CB 250

With this tool, you will have access to 250 affiliate programs that are available on Clickbank. Also, everything associated with the market place will be made available to you. Through this, you will make more money through commissions. Additionally, you will get all the updates regarding the industry regularly. 

  • IM Affiliate 

The highly profitable products on the internet space are what you will have access to with this tool. With this power, you can easily choose what product is right for your affiliate program promotion. Also, you will be able to track the success of whatever product brings more money.   

  • King of the Zoo

Going through the details of Chris’s affiliate traffic bot innovation, you will find the JVZoo. He mentioned that the tool is one of the best tools to help increase your number of commissions. With this JVZoo tool, you will get access to the product with more success on the internet. After this, you can promote the product for more visibility. 

  • Launch Pulse 

If you want first-hand info on an upcoming product launch, this is the tool to use. It will give you the most profitable and soon to be released products.

How much it costs to join an Affiliate traffic bot

Going through the official website, you will find “How I’m Making $417/day Commissions Right Now.” Just for a second, sit back and think about making this much money through this software. Additionally, you will imagine this software to be about a million dollars, but no, it isn’t. you can get this software for a starting price of $27, yes, you heard it right. Before you exclaim for happiness, hold on, you can buy it even for less. It’s simple that once you log in to the website and want to leave without purchasing, you will get a $5 discount. You can repeat this process until you get to the minimum price of $12. With the whole of this package, you can make back your $12 in no time. Also, you might like to know that it’s just a one-time payment. 

Is Affiliate Traffic Bot A Scam?

In a way, it is possible to call an affiliate bot a scam. However, the confusing part is that you can use the 37 bots to your advantage. The downside, however, is you only get 17 working tools. The positive, though, is that all of the 17 tools are usable. And if you want to know if they work? Yes, they work and are useful. Therefore, it is possible to say this is no scam. 

The 37 hyped tools might be a marketing trick that pushes you to buy the software. 


This affiliate traffic bot review is to tell you what we know and how it operates. There are other affiliate marketing tips that you can use effectively to make money. All that matters is for you to pay attention to details and study often. 

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