7 Tips on How to Promote Your Business Online

Advertising is an age-old tradition. This is because promoting your business online is an effective means of increasing sales. While there are several platforms online to get your business out there quickly, they are either too expensive or overly selective with the brand they promote. As a new entrepreneur, you have to make do with your low budget while you compete with well-established brands. Knowing how to promote your business online is one of the ways of making money online. So, why don’t you take advantage of the vast ways you can promote your business online at little or no cost.

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1. Set up a Website

Your website is like your little corner in the World Wide Web where you market your products or services. How you make money online is by using the perks of having a website for your promotional advantage. To take full advantage of your website, you need to create a blog as companies that blog consistently enjoy 97% more links to their website. Ensure that your contents are audience-centered and solve a particular problem they have.

If you want to drive sales, then you need to tell your audience exactly what you expect from them. Use personalized CTAs as a way of promoting your business online. Even if you are not yet getting the audience you want, giving up after little effort is not how to make money online.

2. Employ Social Media

With about 45% of the world population on different online platforms, social media is how you promote your business online. How do you take advantage of social media as one of the ways of making money online? By using Facebook ads to promote your business and discover the right audience, you can leverage on the customers you have and expand from there.

While it might take you years to build the right audience on Instagram, influencers already have the following. To promote your business through an influencer, ensure you choose the right influencer for your niche. Connecting with like-minded individuals on LinkedIn is also an excellent way to network.

3. Share Photos and Videos

Sharing photos on platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flickr allow your product to gain traction. This process might be a long and slow way of making money online from your business but it is effective. 

Creating video content about the service you render and sharing it on YouTube might seem antithetical to how to promote your business online. After all, how are you relevant when people can just fix their issues? This is not so. You gain followers by sharing videos in your niche and they do the advertising for you. 

4. Offer Free Products and Services

Freebies are small sacrifices to gain life-long customers. Reciprocity principle requires that buyers would feel the need to buy your products after they have enjoyed the giveaways you offer. Another way of making money online from your product is to post fact-based free reports on social platforms like Quora. 

To sustain your customer relationship, you can offer discounts to customers as a thank you for their patronage. The connections they have are how you make money online. You can collaborate with other business owners in your industry to run contests and donate to charity.

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5. Use Search Engine Optimization

There are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet competing for the first ten places on Google Search Result Placement. How then do you improve your ranking as a promotional strategy? Use SEO. Your online contents are the most important tools for your SEO. 

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You can use blog posts to gain an audience if your website is easily accessible. Testing your website for optimization and performance will increase its versatility. Ensure that pages on your sites are connected through backlinking to boost your search engine ranking.

6. Leverage on Free Platforms

Free platforms like Google My Business listing, Yelp, and Trip Advisor give you visibility on the net. Google has an average of 40,000 search queries every second on average. The first thing people will do to learn more about your business is to type it on Google. With Google My Business listing, you can control the information they have about your business.

Yelp and Trip Advisor are platforms for people to share their opinion about your products and services. You can check what people are saying about your service and improve upon it.

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7. Utilize the power of Emails and Newsletters

You can support your great content with even impressive newsletters. After your audiences have signed with their emails on your website, do not disappoint them with spams. Send them compelling emails that will leave them coming back to you. You want to sell your products but you also want your customers to gain from you. 

Email marketing is still as relevant as ever. Learn how to promote your business online with email? With nine out of 10 US internet users sending emails, it remains one of the most effective means of getting a conversion.


Promoting your business might fall on you now instead of an expert as an entrepreneur. Yet you will still be competing for online space with companies that have a team of advertising experts. It is therefore important to learn to use the tools and resources available for you on the internet.

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