What Types of Businesses Can You Start Online?

As of 2018, more than 1.79 billion people who shop online. While the days of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store aren’t going away, they did diminish with the rise of online businesses.

If you want to become an entrepreneur and earn a steady income these days, you should start an online business.

But what types of businesses can you launch right now, regardless of how much capital you invest? Which online businesses can prosper and find massive success?

To give you a strong foot forward, here are four businesses you can run online today:

Web Design

You might think web design is a complex job that requires too much coding knowledge and technical skills. That was true in the past but nowadays you can master web design without knowing a single line of code.

CMS platforms like WordPress allow you to design and create websites for clients with intuitive click-and-drag controls. They achieve this through the use of plugins like Divi or Elementor.

The median annual salary for a web designer is $73,913. You can earn even more if you take on more clients and form a small team of dedicated designers.


Blogging is one of the best types of businesses online today because of how flexible it is. You can blog anywhere in the world and you can blog about anything you care about. It’s the one avenue where you can turn your passion into a profitable business.

Want to start a blog about geek shows or baking recipes? Go ahead and do so! You can blog about boat engines or video games and still find an audience, guaranteeing you some income.

How can you earn money blogging?

The key component is through ad revenue. Google AdWords is a tool that lets you earn through banner ads and other forms of advertising placed strategically on your site. You can also earn through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing and how do you earn? Affiliate marketing refers to earning commissions by promoting someone else’s products.

One of the most popular affiliate marketing systems is the Associate program on Amazon. Post a review about an Amazon product on your blog site and make sure to add a link to that product’s Amazon page. If someone reading your blog post clicked that link and ended up buying the product, you earn a percentage of the sales.

The great thing is that affiliate marketing stretches far beyond the confines of Amazon. You can find affiliate marketing opportunities


eCommerce can mean a variety of things but in the landscape of earning online, most people associate with to running an online shop. You can stay at home, launch a website to sell your products, and let courier services pick up the products to deliver them to the customers. You never have to leave the house as you buy and sell.

What if you don’t have products stored in your home? There is a system called drop-shipping, which means you order the items directly from your supplier and then have them shipped to the customer without passing through your hands.

You can buy and sell on your own site, through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can use YouTube to advertise products and show them off to your customers.

Launch Different Types of Businesses Today!

With so many types of businesses available, why not launch one today? You can earn a steady income without having to leave the comforts of your home.

Looking for more financial tips and tricks? Hoping to discover more ways to earn from home and become a successful entrepreneur? Visit us today and read our other guides, like how to make money on Facebook.

If you have any opinions or questions on the types of businesses you can start online that would like to share. Please share them in the comments section below and if you are looking for a way to turn your passion into profit…

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