Triple Traffic Bot Review

Triple Traffic Bot Review: Is It Truly an all-in-One System?

Affiliate marketing has become the most common and easiest way to make legitimate money online with little or no effort. Bloggers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs have now made this a significant source of earning money through their blog or website without selling personal products. 

The most critical organ of affiliate marketing is traffic, without which the business cannot thrive. If you have a site or blog that no guest visits, then the chances you will profit from it are zero. As a blogger, webmaster, or marketer, you need some network marketing ideas to direct visitors to your blog or website.

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While some affiliate marketers find it hard to draw traffic to their sites, others have visitors or enough traffic but wasting them without making a penny from it. The guests come in and go out of the site without the owner making any money from their visit. 

Are you a blogger, webmaster, or affiliate marketer looking for a way to make the most out of your website or blog? Either by generating more traffic to your site, making maximum profit from every visit to your site, or transforming visitors into clients, Triple Traffic Bot is your best bet.

Triple Traffic Bot has been around for a while, and many have wondered if the claim that it is an all-in-one system is correct. Today, we will be doing a detailed review of the Triple Traffic Bot to see if it’s truly an all-in-one system.

What is Triple Traffic Bot?

Triple Traffic Bot is a unique traffic generation software together with a training package. The training package contains a step-by-step training video that encompasses traffic, ongoing profits, and lead generation. The training also teaches how to create two records or list in one and get it monetized instantly.

It is a three-in-one automated traffic system that can turn any campaign on your site or blog into multiple profits with a hundred percent free tools. It is a package that allows you to create traffic, generate leads, sales/affiliate commissions using tools that are a hundred percent free. 

Glynn Kosky developed the triple Traffic Bot. Glynn Kosky is an investor, a digital marketer, an entrepreneur, and a super affiliate who has a flair for online business and training people to generate traffic to their sites better and make maximum profit. He started his first internet business in 1999 and has since been a source of inspiration to all. He has launched several products like the 250 Cash Magnet, CPA Coffee Shop Method, Million Dollar Toolbox, The Commission Glitch, Instant Traffic Jacker, Pure Profit Payday, etc. With all these notable successes, there is no doubt that the Triple Traffic Bot has a great future.

Triple Traffic Bot Review

How does Triple Traffic Bot work?

As stated earlier, Triple Traffic Bot is a three-in-one automatic system. The system works with three traffic bots (E-mail Autoresponder, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Pixel) to leverage multiple traffic on several platforms to maximize profit.

To fully understand how this excellent software works, you have to go through the training videos. The package consists of eleven videos totaling 125.19 min. After going through the training video, you will learn how to set up your site, create your page, set up e-mail capture, pixel, chatbot, deliver lead magnet, send Facebook messages, get traffic, etc. 

To use Triple Traffic Bot, all you need to do is to follow the three steps below.

  • Get started by Logging in to your member’s area.
  • Get traffic by automatically generating leads and monetizing them instantly.
  • Get sales by giving high-converting deals to your leads.

Is Triple Traffic Bot truly an all-in-one system?

Yes, the Triple Traffic Bot is an all-in-one system that addresses every issue preventing your site from generating maximum profit. It also has a 30-days money-back guarantee. This guarantee makes the Triple Traffic Bot legit as people can have their money back within the 30 days trial period if they are not satisfied with the software.

You can generate leads on multiple lists and multiple platforms, follow up with your leads via e-mail, messenger bots, and direct advertising.

Features of Triple Traffic Bot

  • Instant Monetization

When you subscribe to the Triple Traffic Bot, the software will automatically take you to the monetization page to select any offer of your choice. The monetization feature helps you to get commissions while creating your list.

  • Two-in-one list creation

Triple Traffic Bot provides you with Facebook messenger and e-mail endorser to freely communicate with customers. The software also uses this for lead warnings and notifications. Agree on Facebook messenger notification to activate this feature.

  • Saves budget

If you are operating a small or medium scale business, Triple Traffic Bot is simply the best for you; there is no other automated software out there as cheap as this. Other free software embedded in it can never be gotten free elsewhere.

  • Long-term investment return

Many campaigns negatively affect traffic, which costs you some money. Still, the Triple Traffic Bot allows you to put a retargeting pixel right on your press page to enable you to utilize controlled promotion to convert visitors to benefits.

  • Automated Profits

This feature gives an auto-pilot operation with the continuous creation of fresh leads and commissions.

Triple Traffic Bot Funnel Pricing

The Triple Traffic Bot product is in five upsells as listed below:

Upsell 1 – Done for you campaigns ($67)

Upsell 2 – Lead magnet library ($67)

Upsell 3 – FB pixel tools and training ($67)

Upsell 4 – Automated traffic flow ($147)

Upsell 5 – License right ($297)


  • All in one package that consists of both the software and training video  
  • There is no risk involved since no upfront payment is required.
  • Great profit, up to 3+ profit daily
  • Fast and easy to set up 
  • No special skill needed
  • Lead generation and follow up 
  • An Autoresponder that enables you to receive and send e-mails to customers
  • Availability of numerous templates
  • Update and upgrade availability
  • No monthly subscription fee is required
  • 24/7 Customer support


As it stands, I do not have any negative feelings about this software because every piece of information and testimonies about it are all cheerful.

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