ways to sell ebook on amazon

Tips on How To Sell An eBook on Amazon

Just Imagine being able to sell your eBook on Amazon, the biggest ecommerce platform in the world today.

This means you wouldn’t have to do any promotion before you start making sales online.

Did you know that you can self-publish a book, and then sell it on Amazon? Well you can.

Sit back and Relax as this article details how to sell an eBook on Amazon.

If you are ready to publish your eBook and start making money on Amazon, then follow this guide:

1. Do Thorough Research Before Selecting The Topic

It doesn’t matter if you have authoritative knowledge on a certain topic or not. But even if you do, this does not mean you should write your eBook about that topic.

You should avoid narrowing down your audience. Think of writing for a more general audience. If the niche is too narrow, you will be limited to a certain segment of the audience who could be interested in your book.

Look through some of the Amazon Best Sellers and you will discover a trend. All the best sellers are on a general topic.

2. SEO Also Matters

Before putting pen to paper, you will need to carry out in-depth keyword research. Not just surface research, but one that involves multiple tools.

The keywords will be on things surrounding your topic. Then ensure that these keywords are used in your topic, product descriptions, tags and product keywords.

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If you intend to make sales, you will need to rank high. The higher your ebook ranks with SEO, the better the chances of it being purchased.

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3. A Book Is Judged By Its Cover

No one will care if you have the wisdom of the universe in the eBook if the cover is shoddily designed. Don’t be a minimalist by trying to design the book cover yourself.

Hire a competent and proven graphics designer to come up with the eBook cover. You may communicate your ideas of how you want the cover to look, the graphics designer will translate it into a design.

Forget about the popular mantra, don’t judge a book by its cover, that’s exactly what people do.

4. Pay Enough Attention to the Title and Subs

Aside from the cover of the eBook that catches the attention, people are also moved by the title. Spend time on your title and subtitles. Be sure that they are catchy from first look.

It’s just like email, if the subject is catchy, you will definitely want to know what’s inside. Replicate this for both the eBook title and subtitles.

Let the prospective readers be eager to read the eBook right from the title.

One tool I’ve used to generate award winning titles in minutes is a tool from ClickFunnels called FunnelScripts.

With a few clicks of the mouse you can have hundreds of Titles created for your ebook to choose from. These tools will save your thousands of hours and dollars!

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5. Write a Book Description That Sells

Just as you have given your undivided attention to the content of the eBook, give enough attention to the book description as well.

Don’t be too eager to list your book and write an average description.

There will be prospective buyers that sit on the fence and it will be the book description that seals the deal. The person who created FunnelScripts talks about this in the upcoming webinar.

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