The Profit Injector Review That Will Have You Making Money On YouTube Fast

Profit Injector

Profit Injector is a tool that lets you find YouTube videos that are getting a lot of views and engagement but are not currently monetized.

The software, first of all, identifies such videos for you and then guides you to approach those video owners to get into a JV partnership with you.

You will be sharing your affiliate link in the description of their videos and split the profit with the owner of the video.

Creator and Cost

The creator of the course is Jamie Lewis and he has been online for several years. You can find him in various instances on the internet. He is easily accessible through his Facebook page. He is a real person who has made millions of dollars online.

The cost is $47 with a few upsells.

Upsell 1 is a training class for $197 one time fee.

Upsell 2 is a training class for 6 months for $97.

Upsell 3 is Profit Injector Business in a Box for $297.

Members Area

First of all, Jamie gives you a little insight into what the Profit Injector really is and how you can use it to make profits for yourself.

YouTube Software Tutorial

The member’s area is going to tell you how to use YouTube Software to get videos that are highly popular out there. If you think this is complicated, it’s not. You just have to pick the niche you want to target and it shows you a list of videos that are not currently monetized and meet the criteria.

You can view the video details and it will show you:

  • The number of likes the video has
  • The number of dislikes the video has
  • How many people have favorited it
  • Number of comments
  • Total number of views
  • The duration of the video
  • Keywords the video is using and being searched for

Youtube Keyword Suggestion

This is a keyword tool where you put in a word and it gives you relevant keywords. If you are looking for some keywords for your own content this is a very good way fo doing that. Once you have found keywords that can potentially work for you, go to YouTube and search for the keyword in the following format:

Allintitle: “keyword phrase”

This will give you the exact matches of the keyword and you can find out whether it’s high competition or not. This is something, I think is, of great use for anyone who is looking to expand their YouTube followership and promote relevant ClickBank products with them.

YouTube Bible

YouTube bible gives you an ultimate list of YouTube niches that you might not have thought about. It shows you how to create videos that are unique and engaging. It gives you ideas to monetize your video content. Also, it suggests you use various types of videos for various types of content. Lastly, it will explain to you how to optimize your videos for better ranks and results. It is a very valuable and short e-book, in my opinion.

Video Section

In the video section of the profit Injector program, you can find the webinar replays. Jamie tells you about his strategies and how they have benefitted him over the last few years.

Mathew Sabia teaches you how to create success on your own YouTube channel. He says that it is more important to have quality videos than quantity. In 5 months he was able to get 10 million watch hours on his channel.

Jamie also gives you his strategies on how to monetize the videos on YouTube and tells you about his success stories and how he got them.

All videos are really high-quality with great content.


In this section, Jamie gives you ready-made swipes that you can use to contact the YouTube channel owners to collaborate with them. There are swipes available where you can potentially offer to buy their YouTube channels as well.

Live Webinar Training

Profit Injector comes with a weekly webinar. This section gives you information on when and what time the webinar is going to begin and end. They are usually an hour long and take place every Wednesday. They have webinars that go all the way up towards the end of 2019.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a low-cost product from ClickBank and comes with a money back guarantee.
  • It contains useful software to boost your affiliate sales and improve your YouTube game.
  • Profit Injector is a great way to promote Clickbank products.
  • It gets you free traffic as YouTube is free.
  • Profit Injector has detailed tutorial videos you can benefit from. In addition to that, there are useful e-books as well.
  • It’s very good leverage when you put your affiliate link in a video that is already making so many views online. You just don’t have to do much after that.
  • You have live webinars that mean ongoing training where you can get your concerns answered.


  • The only con that comes up to my mind is that there may be some saturation of the videos listed in the search results of the software. There are a limited number of categories in the software and since many people might be using it, it might become a bit saturated over time.

All in all, it is a great product to legitimately make money online. You have more than one ways you can use the content of this programme to make money online through affiliate sales and running your own YouTube channel. I would recommend this product to anyone who thinks they can make it work out for themselves.

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