How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business To Make Money Online

Initially, social media was just a fun way of staying in touch with loved ones, family and friends. Today, it has grown into an effective and affordable medium for businesses to reach their target audience.

Despite being a proven marketing medium, there are loads of tasks that are involved in managing engagements on social media.

This is why businesses, regardless of their size, are always looking out for social media marketers to carry out these important marketing task.

What Does Social Media Marketing Business Entail?

This is heavily dependent on your expertise and clients’ needs.

Basically, you will be expected to develop marketing strategies based on client goals. If your client does not have a social media, you will have to set up one from scratch.

However, if they do have a social media account, then you will have to optimize it in line with the clients goals.

More importantly, social media marketers are in charge of sharing contents that can drive engagements, conversation and conversions for the client through social media.

You will also be expected to drive up the number of followers of the client.

So ultimately, you’ll be the customer service voice of the brand on social media ensuring that inquiries and complaints are cared for.

Kickstarting a Social Media Marketing Business

You’ll need more than just education and ability to use social media.

This is not your social media pages where anything goes. Every bit of your action must be in line with the clients values, philosophies and goals.

This is a step by step guide on being a social media marketer;

1. Understand The Various Platforms

Being able to drive engagement on numerous platform is a basic knowledge for a social media marketer. There’s no one size fits all approach to social media marketing.

Importantly, there are multi-platform tools that you must be able to use as a social media marketer.

2. Build Your Own Network and Following

This should even come first as a social proof.

If you are unable to build a brand around yourself, how will you be able to build one for businesses using social media.

Build a network of followers that respect you as an authority in your niche.

3. Crafting Marketing Strategies

There cannot be a resemblance between two brands in terms of goals and values even if they are in the same niche. The strategies must be in line with the goals of the brand.

In essence, your strategies must encompass the brand voice and outlook.

If you have a fun client, the strategies should make it evident.

4. Be Sure of The Specific Service You Will Be Offering

You cannot be a jack of all trades as a social media marketer. Be clear as to the services you will be offering.

It could be account creation, moderation of social media communities, or even data analysis.

Whatever it is, be sure to articulate this with your clients.

Final Words… 

If you are one person that enjoys the social media lifestyle and trends which involves pinning, tweeting, liking and sharing. Then starting a social media marketing business to make money online should come easy.

For a start, get the requisite training by availing yourself to resources such as the Free Online Entrepreneur course offered by WiFi Entrepreneur.

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