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How To Start A Business Online: Reasons To Start A Side Hustle

Ready to learn how to start a business online with no money?

In this video, we discuss reasons to start a side hustle with Tre’ Mathis from

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Video Transcript

What’s going on, guys? It’s Tre’ Mathis here from So glad you guys made it here on my page today here in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. I want to throw this video together quickly. A couple things I noticed right away is, man, you know, here it is on day five, I believe, of shooting these videos. Being consistent you gotta make sure that you do certain things to spruce up beforehand, so I’m always presentable. I’ll think about that next time. But in this video, guys, we have a lot to talk about. Today, again, is Monday, January 14, 2019, and this is the WiFi Journal.

All right, guys, so what’s been going on? What’s been going on? One, we’ve been maintaining this power of habit, if you will. We’ve been staying consistent with shooting these videos. Different location, trying out something new. Highly encourage you to always maintain a work environment, but I wanted to try a different environment just today. Just for what I had going on today it just seemed great to do it. Do it now versus wait until later to do it.

What’s also been going on, I’ve been organizing these videos. I believe that we’re about to start seeing a lot more of these online. That means I’m going to be connecting with you guys a lot more. I look forward to that. If this is your first time checking out one of our videos, make sure that you subscribe to our page on YouTube. But also subscribe over on Facebook as well so that you maintain constant contact with us inside of our community.

I know last night I heard a big snowstorm came through Washington, DC. That’s where I started these videos out from. That’s where my wife and I moved from. Now we’re here in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. I heard a big snowstorm came through. Hope you guys are doing all right. I hope you guys have power. I saw that the government was closed because of the snowstorm. That’s a big deal. That’s a big deal. Actually the government’s closed because of the shutdown as well, but I know a lot of people are affected by the snowstorm.

I know when I was a government contractor I, too, was affected by the snowstorms and government shutdowns, and so on and so forth. That can be pretty impactful, especially for your finances if you’re expected to go to work and get that check. And for whatever reason, if someone decides to close the government, or just the weather comes through, Mother Nature decides to shut it down for the day or the week or what have you. You know, some of you guys are dealing with financial issues. I know as a contractor, I was. I know that we didn’t get back pay when the government shut down when I was a contractor. I’m not sure if these government contractors are gonna get paid this time as well, and that’s a really big deal.

I know actually in Maryland, you can see something even worse than that. You can actually, if you’re an at-will employee. So you can come into work one day, and the boss just says, “Hey, this is your last day. Go home.” That can have a major impact on your finances as well. So it’s a lot of reasons to definitely keep your eyes open, eyes and ears open, in 2019 to having a potential business side hustle. You know, having a business on the side kinda protects you. Even if your business is not making a lot of money, it could put gas in the car during a government shutdown. It can buy eggs. It could buy milk. It could buy bread during a government shutdown or a business closure or an unfortunate layoff.

So it’s a great idea to always be thinking about what you can be doing with your time outside of watching Netflix in order to protect your family in case of an emergency. I believe having a business on the side is a great way of doing that. I’m a little biased, of course. I believe that you should have an online business. I’m a wifi entrepreneur, so I believe you should have an online business. The reason being is because an online business allows you the freedom to do your business at your leisure, at your time, anywhere in the world. So you can spend more time with your family and friends as you, you know, have more success with your business. Hey, one day you can look up and walk away from that nine to five job, or what have you, on your own accord and have that business that’s generating income online be your grace.

So what I’ve done … In this video I’ve talked about a few reasons in why you should start a business side hustle. I actually am going to put a link below here, below this video, with some more reasons in why you may consider it starting a business side hustle. Of course, if you guys are interested in starting an online business, I highly encourage you to join our community. We have over one million online entrepreneurs in our community sharing information and sharing training, sharing business with one another, and so on and so forth. We would love to support your business idea, help you turn your passion into profit. So I’m gonna throw a link to that as well. It’s free to join our community. We welcome you. We hope that you join and hope to see you inside. So I’m gonna leave it there. Hope you guys are staying warm during this government shutdown. Hope you guys are doing some constructive reading. You know, we talked about reading in the last few episodes. I just really wish you guys the best. Until we talk again, take care and be blessed. Peace.

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