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How To Create A Blog On Facebook In Just A Few Simple Clicks

Social media is a platform for interaction. It allows you to connect to people from all walks of life.

You’re able to learn new things about how people from different cultures and backgrounds behave via your daily interactions with them.

The largest social media platform in the world is Facebook. Its users include people from all around the world, numbering into millions.

Facebook is used for a variety of purposes. Some of these reasons include interactions, reading of news, business purposes, etc.

Reasons Why Facebook Accounts Are Created

  • News

Facebook is a source of news and information for so many persons. Many newspapers and media outlets have Facebook accounts. News items are posted regularly on their accounts to allow users to keep abreast of the latest happening in their environment, country, and the world all over.

  • Source Of Entertainment 

Facebook is also a source of entertainment for others. Many comedy, movies, and music videos get posted on Facebook daily. That means you get to watch the trending video, listen to your favorite artiste, all from your Facebook account.

  • Means Of Interactions 

The primary purpose of Facebook is to connect people from all around the world via conversations. All you’ve got to do is to input their names into the “Search” option, and if they’re registered on Facebook, their name will appear. Then send them a friend request, as soon as they accept, you can start the conversation.

  • As An Advertising Medium 

Due to millions of people who have accounts on Facebook and millions of those that are signing up, companies are opening accounts to have a wider reach. Only a few individuals watch television, listen to the radio, or read newspapers, but millions of people are on their Facebook pages daily, and it is a fantastic medium to reach their target audience.

  • To Support A Social Cause

Another reason why people use Facebook is to show some form of solidarity to causes. It may be social causes that advocate for orphans, widows, those with sickle cell, etc. Philanthropists are better able to send in donations to causes they are interested in all over the world.

What’s The Essence Of A Blog?

A blog is a diary or a platform where you express your views on certain topics and issues. It might be a fashion blog, a catering blog, a sports blog, etc. A blog helps you to reach a lot more persons. Alongside social media, it is a place where people turn to gossips, news, as well as entertainment. Some reasons why blogs are set up includes:

  • As A Means To Network 

Asides the social media, blogging is another medium that gives you the opportunity to network and interact. It helps you to meet people both locally and internationally. People who wouldn’t be able to network with you can interact with you because of the ideas you share on your blog.

  • Hobby

Some blogs were created because the owners have an interest in writing, and it gives the platform to showcase it. People under this category do not care if it generates any form of traffic, money, or fame. They just want to express themselves.

  • Source Of Income

Blogging has been providing people with the means to live their best lives, travel the world, and own expensive items. Some people monetize their blogs with the number of traffic they attract.

  • Branding And Advertising 

When blogs become popular, some companies pay them to be able to advertise on those platforms. This is because popular blogs can attract thousands of traffic per day. So it is a good platform for branding.

  • To Create Awareness 

Some blogs were created to create awareness about certain issues. These aren’t created to make money or provide entertainment; they are issue-based blogs. Bloggers handle many blogs of political nature. Posts on such blogs attract opposing views and comments.

Steps Involved In Creating A Blog On Facebook

If you already have a personal or business account, and you desire to create a blog on your Facebook account, here are the steps to follow:

  • Select the “Create Page” Option

Once you’re logged into your account, select the “Create” option on the top panel, and then select “Page” option. If you’re any problem locating these options, then use this link:

  • Establish A Brand

Under the business or brand option, click on “Get Started.” This option is ideal because a blog is a brand. Then, you’ll be given a chance to type in a name in the option it falls under.

Type in “Blogger”  or “Personal blog,” depending on which option it brings out. After that, click “Continue.”

  • Upload A Blog Page Picture

The next stage is to upload a picture onto the newly created page. Some upload pictures of themselves while others upload their blog icon. Whatever you choose, do, choose the one that is related to your blog.

  • Upload A Cover Picture

Your new blog should have a cover picture, just like your profile picture. Upload a picture that is related to your blog.

  • Change Your URL

The next step is to change your Facebook URL. By doing this, it makes it easier for people to access you, as well as remember your page.

To do this, click on the “See More” tab, then on the “About,” which is located at the left panel. Next, click on the “Create Page @username.” Another box will then appear so you can type in your desired name.

  • Add Description To Your Blog

Explain what your blog stands for and which articles will be posted therein.

Wrapping It Up

The final step you need to take is to write out what your blog is about. This can be gotten on the “About” tab. Invite people to like your blog and also promote it. This will give you another medium to air your view.

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